How can i get my 2 year old son to eat set meals through out the day hes really poor at eating ?


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Autumn - posted on 04/14/2010




I do agree with some of the other moms on replacing any unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives. When it comes to your son, he's gonna tell you when he's hungry and the times he should eat. It teaches them to be confident in their body signals.. that when they're hungry then they'll eat but then stop when satisfied.(This ensures that when they're older they won't overeat) Unfortunately most kids don't do things to our schedules... if you're still concerned then you should get advice from your family doctor.

Racheal Leanne - posted on 04/14/2010




Thanks for your comments people :) much appreciated ... he isn't gaining what he should hes actually under weight but pediatrician's arnt worried they say.
so i guess i will keep trying him with different healthy snack foods :) ... just makes life slightly hard atm as my daughter is 12 weeks so juggling both atm :) hopefully he will start eating propley

Byra - posted on 04/14/2010




My dr. said that the size of my daughters palm was the amount of food she needed to be healthy. I think if stop and look he may be getting everything he really needs. My dr. also recommends vitamins. Talk to your dr. and see if that is right for your child.

Dawn - posted on 04/14/2010




this is a tough one, but what i do with my kids when they don't eat the scheduled meals is offer healthy snacks in place of them like granny smith apple slices or a small platter of cheese, crackers, and carrot sticks with some dressing. my kids doctor said that if you keep making them eat at the scheduled meal times you are just going to get into a power struggle and then they won't want to eat them at all.

i should also add that since your child is 2, your child may just be going through a phase where he really doesn't have much of an appetite.that has happened with my 2 kids. it's normal and in time your child's appetite will pick up again . in the meantime just give your child health snacks.

Racheal Leanne - posted on 04/13/2010




Thank's alot i will try that ... as he does have a tendency to always want his juice ... doesn't make things better when hes severely constipated too , had him at A&E yesterday night coz he was just screaming as he cudnt go to the toilet :( i know it would help him loads if i cud just get him to eat fiber food's but he just wont :( ... but many thank's :)

Kristin - posted on 04/12/2010




Walk by dining seems to be just part of the age, but I put in place a rule that if mine left the table that meant they were done. When the get down I clear their place. I also restrict milk and juice to meals, they can have water whenever. Meals and snacks are at specific times and I keep everything out of reach until they stop grazing. Now, my 2.5 year old will bring me what he wants and ask before biting into whatever. It took a few days, but they each got the idea and we've not had problems since. Nor did they lose any weight or starve during the learning process.

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Offer healthy snacks instead of meals. Cheese, fruit (grapes, apples, bananas, berries), pretzels, yogurt, and applesauce are great options. Green beans and peas are easy to eat on the go, too. Kids are so busy at this age that it's hard for them to sit down to eat. :) If he's drinking a lot, maybe cut back his juice or milk intake, so that he'll be hungry. Hope he starts eating better soon!

Sarah - posted on 04/12/2010




Make sure he is not drinking too much liquid during the day. If he carries around a sippy cup restrict it to the table only. This will help cut down on the amount of liquid he is getting and filling himself up. Also at meal time give one glass of milk and then require him to eat his food before he has another glass at meal time. Also make sure he is not snacking too much between meals. Snacks should be a few hours before a meal (2-3hrs). It should also be something small, like 1 string cheese, or 1/2 an apple or banana. It should be something that helps tide him over until it is meal time, but not fill him up. I don't expect my kids to eat adult size portions, but they must eat much of their kid or toddler size portions in order to have a snack later. My theroy is if you are not hungry for a meal then you did not need the snack you had ealier, so next time no snack so that way it is easier to eat your meal. In saying that, use your best judgement. If he has been running around all day and really burning off energy then he may need that snack. If it has been a slower day then he may not need that snack. Sometimes I think kids like the snack foods better than the meal foods. So I find that having the rule about no snack helps to get them to eat other foods that are healthy for them.

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