How can i get my 20 month old to poo on the potty?

Katie - posted on 10/17/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone.
My son is 20 months and i have just started potty training in the last few days. We have had great results so far and we have very few accidents. He will go to the potty without being asked most of the time and can go when you ask him to. He only does little weeks and gets up to look at it before i ask him to do some more and the process happens again and again and again till hes done it all or gets bored! How can i encourage him to do one long wee! baring in mind he is only 20 months and can't communicate really well! My main question though is that he has gone straight to pants and wth my eldest i wasn't keen on swapping pants and pull ups we are having an issue with pooing. He almost seems scared to poo with no nappy on and i struggle to get him onto the potty while he actually poos. He runs around squeezing and seeming nervous! How can i help him relax and go for a poo on the potty? We have had one tiny poo on the potty and thats all. Any advice on potty training very young kids would be helpful as all the info out there is for 3-4 year olds who understand a lot more.

Thanks in advance


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Basically, he's not ready yet. Give him a little time to grow and mature first, then try again when he is a little older.
Why do you feel pressured to have him trained at such a young age? If you wait until he is a little older, he will just start doing it himself, on his own. That's what J did.

Just let him wee on his own for now, since he is happy with that, and when he is ready, he'll start pooing on the potty.

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