how can i get my 3yr old to listen to me when i talk to her ?


Crystal - posted on 02/05/2013




You may have to start from the beginning. This means that when you need to tell her something, get down on her level face to face and explain what you need her to do in a simple way, and then, if necessary, walk her through whatever it is. If you want her to come to where you are and she doesn't, go to her, tell her you need to her come to where you are when you tell her too and gently lead her to where you were before. It is important they know their boundries and the rules. If she chooses to ignore you because she wants to play with a toy instead, make it clear that she needs to listen and it is not clear to ignore her. Use positive words instead of negative. For example, say if you want to play with your toy then you need to do as I say, or I need you to do what I tell you. It can be a huge challenge and a lot of work. You can also test her hearing to make sure she hears you properly. Sometimes a destracting noise will get their attention. I usually snap or clap.

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