how can i get my 8 month old to sleep through the night?

Samantha - posted on 08/21/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




i've been trying to get my daughter to sleep through the night, but im having a really hard time with it. the doctor told me to just let her cry and she will go back to sleep & i tried that and she will only cry for 2-5 minutes and then go back to sleep. but i've been doing this for a while now & she still doesnt sleep through the night. how long is this going to take?


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Amelia - posted on 08/21/2009




i was the type that couldn't let my baby cry without going in, but finally i was fed up with waking up every couple of hours sometimes every i tried the ferber methood. at first i let him cry for 5 minutes, then went in for 1 minute, then he'd cry for 10, then i go in for 1, then he'd fall asleep before we got to 15 minutes. finally i skipped the 5 and 10 minute visit, becasue he'd always fall asleep before crying for 15 minutes. now when i put him in his bed (wide awake) he rolls over and goes to sleep on is own and sleeps until 6:00Am. the first night that i let him cry himself to sleep he slept all night. it's hard to try to do this in the middle of the night when you are it when he first goes down, he needs to learn how to go to sleep on his own. good luck...i hope you find something that works. oh yeah, i did this at 8 months too.

Claudia - posted on 08/21/2009




I love the DONOT cry methods...Get yourself ready for two bad nightss......ask for the help of your husband if possible....

when the baby cries...nurture...with padding on the back...if still does not work...carry the baby...always stay close....I used to breatfeed and obviously I will do it so I can go back to sleep...but after two nights of being close and not feeding the baby....either touching, or carriing the baby..everything stoped...

I love has great feedback...

MELISSA - posted on 08/21/2009




I started putting a little cereal in my daughters bottle at night. just enough that she can still drink it. it helps them feel fuller at night, and not wake up hungry.

Brooke - posted on 08/21/2009




I had this problem with my son, and the Dr. told me the same thing...Just let him cry.

I just stopped giving him the bottle at night ( "Dr.'s orders" ). So, every time he starts fussing i go in the room, change his diaper, give him his pacifier (basically to replace the bottle) and lay him back down.

Tricia - posted on 08/21/2009




I wish I knew. My daughter is 5 days away from being one and still dont sleep through the night :(

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