how can i make my 11 year old son sleep alone in his room

Mayada - posted on 02/01/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




my son is 11 year old and still refuse to sleep on his room alone,he still sleep with his twin sister,i tried many ways but i didnt succeed,can u give me some advises to solve this problem,because his sister starts to complain,she doesnt want him to sleep in her room.


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It shouldn't take weeks to train him to sleep in his room. It should take about 1 week. Usually you start with the self soothing methods to get them to be okay on their own. But your kids are A LOT older than when you usually begin doing this. Most people start somewhere between the first and second year of kids lives. So, being 11 years old, it should be a strict 'No' by now. Make it a rule, enforce it and you just need to make them listen to you. 11 is WAY too old to be in the same room together. I would have seperated them at 3-4, because kids start to grow up and they need to get independence. No offense, no is no and it's time to be strict. Good luck. Look up self soothing methods if it helps and 'getting babys to sleep on their own' through google.


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Allison - posted on 02/03/2010




just keep putting him back in his own bed . . .no words nothing, just walk him to his room and close the door. it may take a couple of weeks or so , but he'll get the picture.

Theresa - posted on 02/01/2010




I know this really isn't an answer, but I think you need to do whatever it takes. Your daughter doesn't want him in there anymore. She is getting to the age where she is starting to hit puberty and wants some privacy. If he doesn't go out of the room she could and up having lots of problems because of it. She could have ander issues with both youand him, or she could end up with body, self esteem issues. Young girls and boys need privacy from others of the opposite sex. She has matured to that point before he has. Maybe you could try letting him pick out bedding for his room or a motif he likes to help encourage him to want his own space. You also need to sit down with him and discuss body changes in boys and girls and let him know that his sister is getting to a time that she wants her privacy and sharing a room doesn't give her that. Good luck.

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You are dealing with more then just a brother who doesn't want to be alone. Its real hard with twins. I should know I am one. Your best bet is to talk to them each on their own. Explain to your daughter that if she wants alone time then she needs to be clear but not rude about it. And explain to him that they are getting older and his sister needs her space and he must respect that since he will be wanting his own space also soon enough. Then I would let them sort it out. Its really best not to get between twins because with twins the bounderies are different and so is how they deal with things. My mom always found it best to leave us to sort it out ourselves unless we were crossing some major line we shouldn't.

KELLIE - posted on 02/01/2010




all my children slept together. As they have got older , they still gain comfort to be together, but my bow was always the problem. I asked him what would make him happy,he asked for a particular bed that he liked. This was still not the solution but it helped. He confessed that he was scared by himself so we did things like put up a dream catcher in his room to comfort him. He still has teddies at 10 and reading to him helps to get him to sleep. He doesn't always stay there but It is getting fewer times that I wake up and he has moved. take care kellie

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