how can i manage my child while working at home

Shradha Puneet - posted on 06/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my home is to small and my baby is so active .so when he is doing anything i cant do any work.and he sleeps very less in day time.even he cant leave only one who take care of him his daddy have very less plz tell me,how can i finish my housework.


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Hey Shradha! I'm not sure what type of work from home that you do or how old your baby is so I'm just going to tell you what I do. My son is 14 months. My husband works outside of the home so my son is with just me the majority of the time. I do most of my work online and through social media. So I schedule posts/tweets using a tool called Hootsuite, this way I don't have to be online throughout the day but I'm still getting my posts out there at peak times during the day. I also do a lot of my work at night. I have my son on a schedule so he wakes between 7 and 9 everyday. Naps between 12 and 3 and he falls asleep at night between 8 and 11. Sometimes at night he wakes for me and I nurse him back to sleep, but it works for me to be able to get a lot of things done. During the day, I do my housework and play with my son. Me and my husband agreed that this schedule would work well so that during the day I wouldn't be neglected my son by being on the computer. Sometimes while he naps I get online for a little while too. Depending on your baby's age, multiple naps might be good or you might not have a napper. So doing most things on a schedule at night might be easier. And then updating things here and there through the day, ya know? I try not to be on the computer too late because I have to get up early with my soon too. So I am happy with building our business slowly as opposed to trying to be online 24/7 like I know some people are able to. I have a family to take care of so, this schedule is what is working for us :-) I hope this helps you a little bit

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