My 5 month old has a cold. How can I relieve it?

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My 5 month old has a nasty fever though. Have the humidifer going at night. Using Vicks for baby on chest and nose. Tylenol for discomfort if needed... Anything else I can do to relieve the "smokers cough"? So worried it is going to turn bad....


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you should never use vicks on a baby with a humidifier. lot sof babies have got pneumonia from this combination ask another doctor. vicks is not for babies . its for adults

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Turn on your shower to full heat shut the bathroom door and sit in there with your child for about 15 min. It opens up the airway to let some of that nasty stuff out. Also my son had to get a nebulizer, it is not a permanent use but it opens their airway up as well. If your 5 month old's cold doesn't stop take him or her to see the doctor, it could be serious if not treated.

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You might try a dash of salt in with the vaporizer.It creates more steam. Use the salt along with the vapor steam you use in the vaporizer.The shower trick also works. Good luck.Go to Dr. if needed. Both my daughters had upper resp. prob. They were c-sec. If that is the case it may be that your babys lungs were cleared at birth.This happens sometimes with a c-sec.

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I agree with trying the nebulizer for your 5 month old's cold. I just went to the doctor's today for my two, an almost two year old and five month old, and had to get that with two different medications to put in it. Also, I'd make sure your baby sleeps not totally on its back. The best way mine sleeps right now is in her car seat. It's already slanted, so it'd also be safer that way, rather than putting blankets or whatever to prop the baby up with.

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What has worked for me is..... to prop up one end of the mattress in their crib. You know how you feel better sitting up verus lying down when you have a cold? I've also tried the hot shower trick. Crank the shower on HOT, shut the bathroom door and sit by the shower door so they can breath in the steam. Seems to help.

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