How can I stop my 2 yrs old daughter from sucking her thumb?..She been doing it since she was a infant the dr. Just tells me she will out grow this stage.


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Sharon - posted on 03/25/2012




I had the same problem with my daughter. My doctor told me it was a stress reliever and not to worry about taking it away. She sucked her fingers ( not in public) until she was twelve even when she had braces. They only thing that got her to stop is when they finally took the braces off and fitted her for a retainer on a Friday. I told her if she sucked fingers over the weekend, it move the teeth and we would have that they would have to fit another retainer and that would be another $300. She finally quit. It is hard, especially if it is something that is used for anxiety. She may outgrow out it as she will find other ways to deal with stress.

Stephanie - posted on 03/25/2012




my son is 3 and he is still doing it and the dr says the same thing and i have tryd everthing to but i just tell him to get his fingers out of his mouth ur a big boy now and he says sorry mama lol it is so cute but ik it is hard he i tell him he can do it onily whe he goes to slppe try that and see what she says let me know how it goes ok xoxoxoxo

Chrystal - posted on 03/23/2012




I sucked my thumb as a child. My mother did everything rewards, painting my nails, bitter polish, rubber band around the wrist, etc. Nothing worked I just had to get to an age that I didn't need it to sooth. If it's not messing her teeth up I'd go with your doctor and just let her grow out of it.

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