How can I stop my 3yr.old daughter from using pacifier & diaper?


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Robin - posted on 11/28/2009




With my children I discovered, by accident, that the easiest way to potty train was to use cloth diapers with rubber pants when at home. It was well worth the extra work. My oldest 2 self trained at 2 when they wore cloth diapers. My third was in disposable diapers and pull-ups and didn't see any need to potty train till after 3, close to 4. With our fourth I decided to switch to cloth diapers when he was 2 and he potty trained himself within a few weeks. I believe that disposable diapers/pull-ups keep most children to dry and comfortable to motivate them to potty train. They don't like being wet and cloth diapers allow them to feel that way. When they started consistently asking to use the potty I began letting them run around in a t-shirt without a diaper so as to make it easy for them to do it themselves. Good luck!

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My daughter was 2 and still using a pacifier ALL DAY... one night we went to dinner with some friends and while she was eating my friend put my daughters pacifier in her purse. After leaving the restaurant my daughter realized she disn't have her pacifier and asked for it... my friend told her "the mean pizza lady took it." And for the next two weeks when she would ask for her pacifier I would tell her the mean pizza lady took it and she stopped asking.

Tracy - posted on 11/26/2009




my daughter is almost 3 n i just recently got her out of nappys i had her potty there for her n kept remiding her to use it n every time she went i would give her a treat she is now completly out of nappy i just stopped putting them on her to bed it worked really well an she hasnt wet the bed once i just dont let her hav anything to drink after 730 it worked really well an the dummy you should say to her she has to leave it under the xmas tree for santa an he will give u presents it worked for few of my friends good luck hope iv helped you.

User - posted on 11/26/2009




One of my twins was really attatched to the paci. One day we went to the drs. and his dr. told him he was too big for a paci, that they were for babies not big boys. He told him to hand it over and the dr. put it in his pocket. my son didn't say a word. the dr. gave it to me as we left and said "for emergencies". once in a while at bed time he would ask for it but I would remind him that the dr. said he was a big boy not a baby anymore and that usually worked. I've also seen people get a baggy and have the child help put all the paci's in the baggy for "new babies and needy children who need them." as far a potty training all kids are ready at different times. you can try to get her in a day care or pre-k program. often when they are around other kids using the potty they don't want to be left out. we started with stickers but resorted to m & m's for number one and a mini hershey for number two. some say to pick a weekend and lt them run around naked with a potty available to them.

Renee - posted on 11/26/2009




The pacifier is still tricky for us. We took it away for the whole day minus naps and bedtime. Now she only has it for bedtime. She knows she isn't allowed to have it and doesn't ask for it anymore. You have to stick with it tho. There will be lots of fits and crying over it.

Potty training was hard with her. It was SO easy with my oldest two! We ended up having to bribe her with smarties and princess and madagascar undies. That seemed to do the trick. She has a fold up elmo seat that goes everywhere with us and then a princess one at home. Good luck!

Ashley - posted on 11/26/2009




the paci, i've been lucky and my kids never liked them. the diaper - my daughter was potty trained at 2 1/2 and the trick was #1 - a potty that played music #2 - reward stickers #3 - she ran around naked and when she had to go, she ran to the potty! :) there were a few accidents, but for the most part, it was easy because diapers irritated her and she realized panties were much more comfy.

Jamie - posted on 11/26/2009




my daughters only 4 months but i did work in a daycare and this is what we told the parents- pacifier you have to be stern with, start by taking it away and only letting your child use it for bed time! if she's using it day now, she will scream and probably throw a fit but it will be worse if you give in and give it to her! the first couple days will be the hardest, and she will eventually forget about it. after a few weeks, when she is ok with only having it at night start taking it away, let her pick her favorite blanket or stuffed animal to cuddle with instead. again, the first few nights will be the hardest, ams she will probably cry herself to sleep but will get better! good luck!

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