how can I stop my 5 almost 6 month old from screaming to get my attention?

Angelica - posted on 11/28/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




It seems like every time I turn around or leave the room or even just not look at him for a short period of time he starts screaming. At first it was cute but now it's annoying. Even more so when it late at night and the next door neighbors are trying to sleep. I already know they hate me but I rather not put more fuel on the fire.


Renae - posted on 11/28/2009




Most psychologists say that the best way to deal with a clingy baby, is to go to them as soon as they cry every time. I know it sounds backwards right? But the theory is that because you always go to them they feel secure and safe so then they don't feel like they have to cry for you all the time. Its kind of reverse psychology for babies!

Also sounds like it might be some separation anxiety too. This occurs when baby starts to understand that you and he are separate people and you can separate from him (i.e. put him down and walk away). This is a normal developmental phase and it will stop once he moves into the next phase when he learns object permanence (that you are still around and will come back soon). Separation anxiety in boys usually peaks around 8 mo.

You could try getting him used to some independant play. Get him playing with some toys, play with him if you need to, then let him continue playing alone while you sit right next to him but doing something else, read, fold laundry, whatever. Slowly, over about a week, move further and further away from him until you can leave him to play and leave the room. He will probably only play for 15-20 min at a time by himself, but at least it gives you some time to go do something else.

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:) oh that's no fun. :) but at least you know what he wants... you. :) hold him, talk to him. During the day, carry him/wear him in some type of carrier. perhaps, if he get some extra mommy time during the day, he'll let you roam a little at night. Some babies are just arm babies; they like to be close to mommy.

My youngest is like this. I held her almost non-stop for that first year. She's 2 1/2 now, and she spends most of the day in my lap or holding my hand. It's annoying sometimes, like when I've had enough contact or need some freedom. but hubby reminds me, she's telling me she loves me and that soon enough she'll grow up and not want me so much. :) and I'll miss it.

and he's right, my twins are 7yo. and they often run off to school without hugging me or saying goodbye. :)

I'm sure some moms will disagree and have suggestions for getting him to settle down without you. and maybe that's the way to go. but not for me. :)


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Angelica - posted on 11/30/2009




Thank you all, This really encourages me to work harder and feel better as a first time mother.

Julie - posted on 11/28/2009




My 6 month old just started doing this aswell, every time i leave the room he will start to cry. I just go back get him settles with some toys and then go and do what i needed to and this seems to work most of the time. I only do one house job at a time then go back to him, to let him know im still there, i talk to him to while i'm doing the work, or i will put him in his walker and he can follow me.

Chelle - posted on 11/28/2009




my daughters 6 n half months now....she was like this but last week she lernt how to crawl and hold on to things to make her stand now with her new skills shes too busy trying out new things and exploring new places to care if im with her.

so mabye he will grow out of it soon.

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