how can i stop my child from screaming when he wants something?

Gemma - posted on 12/05/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son has this piercing scream i dont know where he got it from but he wont stop until he has what he wants.


Larisa - posted on 12/05/2009




Wait it out the less you respond to the scream the faster he will learn not to do it unless he needs you, as long as he if feed burped clean and not in pain, let him scream...... he could have a stomach ach? Try gripe water I hear it works well.... My daughter did it alot too but now she is four months and has learned that I wont come running when she does scream like that.. now she only yells when she needs me

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we cal roman the spring piglet, because he did the same thing! no joke it was horrible. and he would get so frustrated because we either had no idea what he wanted or he could not have it for some reason or other. so what we started to do was do baby signs. it just like modified sign language. and it is really neat because you can make up your owns signs for what ever it is he uses the most or wants the most. for roman first he has to calm down. we get down level with him and tell him he cannot throw a fit just because he wants something. (he is only one year four months) but eventually he will talk so we explain everything, and then we ask him what do you want? generally he will make the sign to eat by putting his hand to his mouth and tapping it a few times or for a drink he will point into his mouth. we also make him say please. he does this by rubbing his hand from the top of his chest down. it has cut the chaos literally almost to nothing. the hard part is when he wants something and he makes the sign and it is not appropriate at the time for him to have whatever he is asking for. he still gets mad but since he is starting to understand that we understand him it is like magic. like somebody clicked on the light bulb above his head. i know you can look on youtube or other places online for baby signs and they also have books on it. it doesnt delay talking it actually helps them later on because they identify the sign with the word and then with the object. it has helped alot.


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My second was a screamer. A very wise mother told me to do this and it worked after about two weeks of being constant. Every time he starts to scream. Calmly,Pick him up, carry him to his room, hug him, tell him you love him but he cannot scream any more, set him in his crib and tell him that when he stops screaming he may join the rest of the family again, walk out a shut the door. When the screaming has stoppped, go back to the room, walk in cheerfully, tell him your so glad he wants to be with the family, pick him up cuddle him and carry him out. If he starts screaming again turn around and repeat. The first day it might drive you crazy and he might scream for a long time but bit by bit he'll figure out what the rules are and it will stop. Meanwhile, you have a plan that takes the stress off of you and makes it more bearable..... beware my daughter went through one day when she would start back up when she heard me coming down the hall....I just turned around and said "Oh I guess your not ready yet" and walked away. She was about 18 months then and it took her about two weeks from start to finish. By the 2nd week it was only occasionally that I had to re-enforce the rule. Now she is a loving 13 yr old. Good luck

P.S. When out in public just do the same but pick him up and walk out to your car, set him in his seat and stand outside (if it is warm enough) the car until he is done, then return to what you were doing

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Well that has got to stop. U must put your foot down and let him scream. Just walk away because if u pay attention to him then he will keep it up. My son did the same thing when he was young. And I kept walking away from him and eventually he realized that if he screams , then he won't get nothing. Now if my son wants something, he asks nicely for it and if i cannot afford it or don't have it in the house, he understands.

Jackie - posted on 12/05/2009




Well the number one thing is don't give him what he wants and punish him for the poor behaviour. There is no point in having a power struggle with him. He does it because it works which means you have to make sure it doesn't work so it stays a phase and doesn't become part of his coping skills.

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