how can u stop my 5 yr old son bitting nails, its becoming his habit..??


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Heidi - posted on 11/03/2009




if you go to the chemist they have a gel called bansuck paint on nails and each time they put in mouth they get a yucky taste and then they stop sucking worked 4 me

Brandi - posted on 11/03/2009




It depends on the personality of your child. My brother sucked his finger as a child and i sucked my thumb as a child. My mother used two very different approaches to get us to stop. For me she used this really bitter tasting stuff (check out the drugstore to see if they still make it).anyway that worked like a charm for me, but my brother would lick his finger to get it wet, then wipe it on his pants and repeat until the bitter taste was no ionger there. SOOOOO for him she created this month calendar Each day he DID NOT suck his finger, he would receive a gold star or a sticker or something. After 30 days finger-sucking free, he received a remote controlled racecar (a toy my brother had been DYING to get, so mom made him "earn" it). anyway, good luck.

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