How can you not care about children you gave birth to?

Karen - posted on 10/01/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




How do you owe $28,000 in back child support... finally get a job after 9 years of not supporting your biological kids, try to reconnect with them after being absent 90% of their lives... and then quit your job after a year because you can't get the child support reduced???? What does this say to the kids? "You're not important enough for me to give up $300 a month for the three of you, when I have no one else to support/worry about but myself."


Christina - posted on 10/01/2009




i am sorry. My husband has to pay child support for his 3 middle children, it come directly out of his check, he pays only 350 for the 3 kids he owes back childsupport for 1 year when his ex did not have them in her home and he refused to pay becuase she needed to pay the state of Iowa childsupport also they were in foster care, so i dont blame him, he is right she owes for that time also.

Our oldest daughter is 14 she is from a rel. before he got married, he got custody over her when she was 5. her mother will not pay child support he has had her for 9 years now. she hasn't even called or e-mailed her in 6 months, she has only seen my daughter (yes she is MINE no matter what 'the bio mom' says) for a total of 12 hours since my oldest son was born (he is now 2 and 2 months), i dont understand parents that are this way. I love April just like my own, she will tell me how dissapointed she is in her "egg donor" (thats what she calls her, pretty sad huh?) and she will never leave me.she tells me that i am her mom, a better mom to her in the 6 years i have been with her dad, than her mother was for her WHOLE life.

but there are people out there who where never ment to be parents, they just need to think about whats best for their child.

we never say anything bad about the "other parents" when the children are around, they will learn for them selves how their "other parent" is, just be there to support them and let them know you will always be there for them, they can count on you. its tough to see them cry, and think 'mommy/daddy doesnt like me, he/she cant help pay for what i need in life, i never see him/her. but thats when your there to help them. they will remember it later on in life trust me. thats how my daughter loves me and not her mother anymore, i was always there for her, talked to her calmly, let her rant and yell at me, knowing it wasnt me she was mad at. and we would talk about what was bothering her, i would even try to make excuses for her mother, then i stoped, i told her that she will do what she wants and there is nothing anyone can do.

i hope this helps you a little bit.

i know its hard but hang in there!

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