how can you start potty training a toddler and take away the bottle?


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Kelly - posted on 10/03/2009




Where I live it is pretty standard to take a baby off the bottle by 1 year, so that normally would come way before potty training. Just start with using sippy cups during the day, and maybe still doing the last bottle at night before bed (if that is how you do it). Then after a few days you can stop the bottles completely, and the baby probably won't really care. As for potty training, that takes longer. I have trained four kids, and my advice is to just wait until they are really ready. I say this because it is so tempting (with diapers so expensive) to rush them into it, but this just results in frustration and frequent accidents. My first two kids are boys, and I trained #1 while on maternity leave with #2, so #1 was about 26 months old, and he trained in about a month, not difficult. #2 wouldn't even consider using the potty until he turned 3, at which time it was like a switch had been flipped, he started and was completely trained in a couple of weeks, with no accidents afterward. Then came girls. They both wanted to start much sooner, and would often pee in the pottly at 17, 18 months old. However, it was not consistent for many months after. They just were not physically able to control or predict their own body's needs. This resulted in many, many, many occasions of me having to clean up a wet bathroom floor, where they would almost but not quite make it in time. I mean this continued until 2 1/2 years old or more. A friend of mine never started her daughter using the potty until she was almost 3, and she trained very quickly. So my long-worded advice is don't try to hurry with this, it just doesn't happen until a certain age, no matter what you do.

Chastyn - posted on 10/03/2009




I started using sippy cups with my son when he was about 6 months old. He did very well with it so by the time he was 9 months old, I just quit giving him his bottle. He didn't even care. If your child does well with a cup then it's time to take away the bottle. Be consistent with it. If you switch back and forth, they will know you are not serious and just cry til you give in. As far as potty training, I started with him when he was about 19 months old. I bought a little seat to put on our toilet. Every time I would give him a bath, I would put him on the toilet first. I would say ok, go pee on the toilet. He never went but when he got ito the tub he would pee. So I would say oh you're peeing in the tub. He got to understand what peeing was and then when I would say go pee in the toilet, he would go. I didn't push him to go though. It has to be when they are ready. I just keep asking him if he has to go. If he wants to go he will. If he says no, I try to see if he wants to try and if not, I try again later.

Misty - posted on 10/03/2009




i took the bottle from my kids when they turned 1yr old... i just started giving them formula in a cup once a day for a couple weeks, then transitioned into milk... then no bottle. potty training - i am doing that now. i just remind my kids to go once every 30 minute. only a few poops so far but the peeing is going well. after a while of reminding them (my daughter is 31 months, son 21 months) they will tell u when they need to pee (again, pooping is not coming along so fast as of yet lol) my daughter does quiet well now..

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