How did everybody go about dry nights?

Michelle - posted on 08/29/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son is three and a half and still wears a pull up to bed so I have been thinking of maybe starting the night time training. He has been dry during the day since he was 2 years and 2 months. I'm nott too sure how to go about it though, any tips would be very much appreciated.


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Patricia - posted on 09/05/2009




My son is 4 1/2 & has been daytime trained for over a year. He still wears Pull Ups at night, and NEVER wakes up dry. He goes potty every night before bed, but daddy keeps letting him have water before bed. Only about 4 ozs....we try to limit the water 2 hrs before bed, but he has a meltdown. We need to work harder on it.

Sara - posted on 09/05/2009




If possible avoid giving fluids 2 hours before bedtime. And have them potty before bed.

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I also have the same problem with my 3 yr old boy. However, I tried no drinks after 7, it didn't always work, but got better. And sometimes he sneaks water anyway, lol. But he has dreams also which sometimes will make him wet the bed I noticed maybe. I also use pull ups at night and he gets so excited with no accidents, which I praise. So good luck, I'm there 2 right now myself...

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thats great Nicole im hoping for the same for me...My daughter asked me today if she can sleep with out a nappy, which i hesitated but i may say yes for tonight cause if she is asking, then she must be ready...:-)

User - posted on 09/01/2009




my son is 4 and wears pullups at night but hes on a roll 5 nights dry no drinks an hour before bed and make him go pee before bed

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well im just about to start training of a night....I have a 3 and a half year old...I will start by making her go to the tiolet before she goes to bed, and im hoping she will hold for the is tiolet trained during the day though...I'm going to put platic down just in I also wish you luck...:-)

Deidre - posted on 08/30/2009




My claim to fame is no liquids after 7pm. He goes potty about 2 more time before bed. He is completely potty trained and i still use a pull up at night for just in case. I have axiety because of all the work before when he did have accidents at night. We also have plastic covers underneath the sheets... I'm happy now with my decision because no one else is gonna be here to do all this after math stuff! :)

Sandra - posted on 08/29/2009




Hi Michelle

A few things I did with my oldest are:

# 1 Reassure your child that this is normal at this age and not his fault and understand that he is not doing it on purpose. Also, do not punish or blame your child for wetting the bed and make sure that other family members do not tease him about it.

# 2 Avoid letting your child drink large amounts of fluid two hours before bedtime.

# 3 Have your child use the toilet just before going to bed.

# 4 Protect the bed with a plastic cover between the sheets and mattress.

# 5 Let your child help change the wet sheets. This one I only did if my son wanted to help. If it’s late he might just want to go back to bed.

# 6 Consider practicing bladder-stretching exercises, in which your child will try and increase the time between urinating during the daytime so that the bladder can learn to stretch and hold more urine at night.

#7 Consider practicing an awakening routine, in which you wake your child to urinate two to three hours after he goes to bed, either at the parent's bedtime or after setting an alarm clock. My friend did this. We did not do this one with oldest son. But he would wake up on his own; he knew where the washroom was.

# 8 We also put our bathroom light on a dimmer switch, so it could be left on low. So he could find the washroom in the dark.

#9 I would used training underwear also help at night but they still leak. Try all the above with pull ups on before removing them it will help less mess.

Hope this helps.


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