How did you get over the fatigue of the second pregnancy

Kendall - posted on 06/21/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




With my first pregnancy I was tire with my second I am exhausted. I get up in the morning and feel tired about 11. And with this pregnancy I am having a lack of motivation to clean. I have discontinued drinking coffee. And I am taking prenatal vitimans.

So I would welcome any suggestion on how to fight the fatigue. I am about 6 weeks a long. My first child will be 2 on the 26.


Cori - posted on 06/21/2011




Sleep and lots of water. Also cut sugar and sodium and eat as well as you can. I just hit the third trimester of my second pregnancy. I'm still tired a lot but I feel it way more when I don't take care of myself. When your toddler is napping- nap too or at least rest. Yes it is tempting to catch up on housework but you'll leave yourself wiped and irritable. My husband would rather come home to a few dishes still in the sink than an overtired pregnant lady.


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Stifler's - posted on 06/26/2011




Coffee. I had my mother in law come up when I was 37 weeks until the baby was 2 weeks old to occupy Logan. Oh dear. Going for walks helps keep you feeling good though and eating well.

Amanda - posted on 06/21/2011




When I was pregnant with my daughter I was working full time and my son was only 15 months extremely active and never slept during the day when I finished up at 7 months pregnant.
I didn't have time to sleep, or anyone to take him off my hands so I could get a break.

I just made sure I drank lots of water ate healthy and got out of the house with him while I could. We also went to playgroup so I could sit back and relax for a while while my son played

Melanie - posted on 06/21/2011




I was tired all the time after my 2nd baby was already a few advice I got was this...take an extra 1000ui of Vitamin D every day and your energy levels will go up..also, still nap whenever your toddler does. if she doesn't sleep anymore, insist on 45 min-1 hr of "quiet time" where she is in her bed/room and playing quietly so you can nap.

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