How did you wean your child off pacifiers/dummies?

Kate - posted on 11/08/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




It's time for my DD's dummy to go. We brought her some recently and within the week one was bitten through. How did you go about weaning your little one of their dummy?


Kacie - posted on 11/08/2011




i only gave my son one when it was nap/bed time. once he fell asleep, i took it away. he never got it for 'just because' or throughout the day. if it wasnt nap/bed time, he didnt get it. i didnt use those pacifier clips that you clip on the clothing either. out of sight, out of mind is what i used. so when it was time to get rid of it completely, it was a breeze!


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Tameka - posted on 12/06/2011




My eldest LOVED her dummy. What annoyed me the most was my mother kept shoving it in her mouth when she was 5 months old and that got her hooked. If it wasn't in her mouth she would get really distressed. Before that I would only give it to her at sleep times or when she was very upset. It took about a month to change her back to having it only for sleep/upset times and that worked well for us.

Also, I vowed to not have a two year old who sucked on a dummy. So each night a month before her 2nd birthday I would sit her dummy on the kitchen bench and tell her that only babies had dummies and that she was a big girl now. The day before her 2nd birthday she decided to leave it on the bench and go to bed without it! The next day I repeated this but she asked for it back. Overall it took about a week for her to fully give it up. Not once were there any tears or heartache from anyone as SHE decided when to give it up. I just gave her the emotional support to cope with it.

Melissa - posted on 12/05/2011




When our first was born I was worried it was going to be an issue, I didn't even initially want him having one because I didn't want to have to fight to get him off it! But I had a plan that on his first birthday I would just take away all pacifiers and that'd be that, he'd just have to get used to it. But luckily enough for me once he hit 7 months he just stopped using them. He's almost 2 and we still find one every now and then because I never bothered to gather them all up (there was no need). The day we brought our newest little bundle home our oldest came out of his room with a pacifier in hi mouth and my heart sank, but then he took it out and tried to give it to his baby brother! I thanked him and took it, but I haven't seen him with one since. And it's not looking like they'll be an issue with our littlest one, either. He very rarely takes it at all and even when he does take it we have to hold it there for him.

Angelique - posted on 11/29/2011




Hi I have 3 kids and two of them loved the dummy funny enough they were both around 15 months when I just could not find it and I told both kids at the time mommy will look for it in the morning its hiding maby the dummy is tired. truthfully I really couldent find the stupid thing untill mayby two weeks later the first childs one was under the matrice and the 3rds one was in a bag but thankfully it worked both times with me. I just kept saying mommys looking for it they forget about the dummy sooner than we think.

Jaime - posted on 11/28/2011




We took my son off of the paifier cold turkey. He was about 2.2 years old and was never w/o one. His father just took them away except for naptime and bedtime. He was hysterical at first but after the first day he was fine. Sometimes you just have to do it cold turkey(with the exception of bedtime) and that will give you the quickest results. I felt guilty and horrible when I saw him crying but he got over it VERY quickly

Pamela - posted on 11/11/2011




we let our 3 yr old bit holes in all of his after a few days of him getting mad about them all having holes he gave up now he doesn't care if he has one but sometime we do still catch him taking his brothers but we just tell him he's a big boy now and he'll give it back

Leigh Ann - posted on 11/11/2011




My son was almost 3 years old when I told him it was time to let it go. After fighting with him for awhile, Easter was coming up and so I asked him if we could leave it for the easter bunny that he would take it and give it to a child that couldn't afford one. He took it out, washed it and handed it to me.

Tamara - posted on 11/08/2011




Snip the tip off that way it don't hold its shape when being sucked on it goes flat and its broke then just say its broke. I have also heard moms make a big deal about wrapping them up for new babies and shipping them to a new baby then they get a special surprise in return.

with my son who was totally addicted, i said I am not buying any more if you loose them no more so as he just droped them I would toss them and then he would look i would help then he was sad for a few then I distracted him for a few, he did keep one in his crib for nap and bed time until he decided he didnt want it anymore then he tossed it.

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