How do help a 4 year old enjoy preschool when he hates it so much school next year


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Nicole - posted on 05/31/2010




What does he not like? I had to change pre schools for my son bc the teacher preferred girls and would yell at the boys. She did not yell at him that I know of but at his friend which I witnessed many times. It got so bad that he would not get out of the car.

My feeling was that he was there for fun and to learn to play etc. If it was not good for him then he did not need to be there and I did not want him to start to hate school in preschool. We found a great preschool after talking to people and visiting a few of them. Good Luck.

Lea - posted on 05/31/2010




There are huge differences in preschools so I would suggest, if you can afford it, check out many different places and keeping your son's personality in mind, choose a place that would fit him best. My son loves his day care so much that he sometimes cries when its time to go home. But we are very lucky to have him where he is. I wouldn't want to leave either! Thats the way the place should feel. You really have to check out many different places or you will end up settling because you assume its ok and theres nothing better. Some suggestions - it should smell fresh, not have any kind of odor; toys should be new and clean and put away neatly on shelves easily accessible to the kids (plastic discolors over time so its easy to tell if its old or not) and there should be more than enough for all the kids; books should be in a display accessible to the kids and they should be new and not torn; outside area should be neat with plenty of toys, balls, climbing equipment, slides, sand box, etc; daily schedule, weekly menu and weekly activities, kids work all posted on the walls. I would actually suggest you take a course in early childhood education because you will know what they should have. Most places DO NOT meet these standards and even let the kids watch TV and put on movies for them instead of planning activities. One place I saw even let the staff blast the radio during naptime.

Louise - posted on 05/31/2010




What does he hate. Is it the seperation or having to share. If you can work out what is upsetting him the most then you can work on fixing it. School is very different to playgroup as they have to do certain tasks and not what they fancy doing. Spend some time with him at playgroup so you can observe what he is interested in and then work from there.

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