How do I choose a daycare??

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I have been very sicke since I gave birth. My fiance was on paternal leave for the first 9 months, and also had to deal with being in and out of the hospitals. Now I am working at getting back up on my feet and daycare is essential for my boy. what am I looking for when I am looking for a daycare close to home??


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Here are some questions I would ask. If an inhome daycare....find out how many kids come, who many workers are there. What their daily schedule is like. Take a tour of the home. Where do the kids play and sleep? Are there pets? What is the discipline policy? What are the hours? Is there an open door policy....meaning that anytime your child is there you can just come on in. I would do two visits before deciding....first visit done at a time when both you and the daycare provider can during naptime, after hours, on the weekend,etc. Then I would do another visit with your child during the working day. Watch how your child does, how others interact, and how the worker does. You should feel comfortable with the place and the worker/s that are going to be caring for your child.

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"I read that you need childcare & I invite you to come visit us!
We are a single income family of four. If I can supplement some income, doing something I am devoted to, then that's great! Our home is just a home, you see, not a certified daycare facility. I nannied for a family with four children, for a couple seasons before having my own children. Now we have two vigorous boys of our own, but they are happy to share with others. I worked in landscaping for twenty years, but I stopped all that professionally when I had to go to the hospital to deliver our 1st son. I have been home with them ever since, I am dedicated to my wish to home school the kids. I research this & all other things I have questions about online. The web is my continuous learning tool.
My boys are #1 in my life, they are 3.5yrs & 2.5yrs old now already! They love to run & sing & dance & read & build things with blocks/legos. They have learned many shapes, colors, numbers. They are learning days of the week, months or the year, & about the 50 states right now. They also have just as much fun playing in a giant box, if I happen to have one! Or jumping on the couch cushions. I do everything I can to keep them engaged & learning new things. I try hard to keep them excited about things they are doing. When the weather is warmer, we go play at many wonderful parks that bless our neighborhood. We love to play with the children in the Boys & Girls Brigade, when they happen to be at the park too! We do have dogs & cats, all hand selected by me to fit into our family with little children. My background includes thirteen years of professional dog boarding, grooming, breeding, & obedience training experience. Our dogs are kept out of the kids' play area, and I don't allow the children to play with the animals unsupervised.
I can only promise you that your child would be taken care & raised like one of my own, in your absence.
I ask for $5/hr, to paid weekly *(or bi-weekly, if that is your pay schedule). No flat rates allowed (8 hours is NOT the same as 13 hours, nor am I willing to experience that situation again). This price is not negotiable, unless you choose to supply, for your child, ALL NUTRITIONAL meals, snacks & drinks, plus transportation costs for anywhere your child needs to be taken while in my care.
Please let me know if you this is a start of something for us? I send you a photo of my oldest son reading to his younger brother. I let them know how awesome being a teacher is! ;)
Talk soon."

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