How do I get my 2 1/2 yrs old to use the potty ?

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I have a 3 1/2 yrs old girl who uses the potty, only problem there is she doesn't wear underwear at night, as is in pull ups since she started maybe 6-8 months ago. Any suggestions on getting her to wear underwear and not go in her bed. I have tried not giving her liquid like an hour and half before and it doesn't work. She won't wake up throughout the night to use the bathroom??

Well I really wanted to ask about my other girl who is 2 1/2......she doesn't use the potty and it's driving me nuts.....she goes to the bathroom with my oldest. Yet she will still poop in her diaper. When I catch her starting to go I tell her hurry run to the bathroom and have a race outta it.....she already went in the diaper by this point, and I tell her if she had to go pee/poop to run the the potty to beat me, but nothing happens. She will not come out and tell me mommy I gotta go peepee....

The sticker rewards don't work (it worked for my oldest but my middle one could careless). It's getting really bad like every time she poops it's like nauseating.... Any suggestions ?? She needs to be potty trained. I think I will try locking ourselves in the house starting Tueaday to Friday but is there something easier than that?? Please help


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Angie - posted on 03/27/2012




You're idea to lock yourselves in the house is definitely worth a try and while you're at it (Warning: Steps 2 and 3 may be gross to you - but it works!) get a potty for every room in your house. The final step of the potty trinity, let her walk aound with no diaper. I know! I know! But I did this with my son and he was potty trained in about 3 days when he was 22 months old! At the very least, a potty in every room and lots of praise when she does it right, ignore when she does it wrong. Good Luck!

Natilee - posted on 03/25/2012




My 3 1/2 year old just recently stopped needing pull up over night. I tried not giving her anything a couple hours before bed and when that did not work I tried making her go to the potty before her bed time stories and ever since we've been in big girl panties all night and even nap time durning the day!!! Whenever she wakes up the first thing I do is hug her and take her to the potty and give her many praises of how big she's being by not peeing to bed and using the potty responsibly. She loves the attention it make her smile and strive to do better, now she wakes up and tells me "mommy I didn't even pee to bed, aren't you proud of me!!!" It's great. I wish I had more advice for your younger one but my daughter was the same way and once we started getting out of the house more she wanted to use the potty like her friends and when she would hear them ask she would ask to go to!!!

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