how do i get my almost 20 month to sleep in her own bed? she hated her crib so we turned her bed into a toddler bed and will only sleep a few hours in it. but we have to put her to sleep she wont just lay in bed and fall asleelp.


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I'll be honest its not easy and its constant repetition and restless nights.  She should have a routine you guys do together with anyone, whether it be singing a goodnight song, reading a book, talking about how the day went of course you wouldn't do that with your little girl, and then everytime she gets up put her back in her bed and just remind her its bed time, I would sit about 3 ft for the first week.  Thats where she starts her bed time and when she wakes up during the night do the same routine again to get her back in her bed but I'll be honest some nights Id rub her back just so I could get back in my bed and sleep, lol.  It took us a bit of time but it worked and now she doesn't mind being in her bed from start to finish and I won't lie sometimes she still wakes up and crawls in bed with us, lol.   Some weeks I really good, other weeks I happen to fall off the wagon so thats why I say consistancy is the key.  Shes adorable though.

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I have posted this elsewhere on this site but I think it's works. I think we started with our daughter after she turned 2 so you might have to moderate a bit for a younger child:

We use "the night-time fairies". If she is good, i.e, sleeps though in her own bed then the night-time fairies leave her a card under her pillow - got to be quick to put there! The note say positive things about great sleeping and how happy the fairies are with her. And she now knows that the fairies won't visit if she doesn't sleep. She looks forward to the card, just coloured paper with drawings of stars, stick figures, flowers etc on them. If she has had a few good nights then the fairies will leave a treat like stickers, balloon or lolly-pop. Also, if she does wake in the night, we pay a CD for her in her room, music or a story CD, this seems to calm her down. Hope this helps and as with everything else, this will pass - it's not going to be forever. Good Luck x


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