How do i get my almost 3yr old off of the binky? please help

Vicki - posted on 04/09/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have an almost three yr old who still takes his binky at bedtime and naptime. I have no idea what to do. I tried just taking it cold turkey, but then he just spends hrs in his room screaming. I tied replacing the binky with a special toy or blanket or something, he was not having it. Suggestions please!!!!!


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Jenny - posted on 04/13/2010




We took our son's binky away right before he turned 2. We did it cold turkey. The first day he cried for 2 hours at nap time, then he fell asleep with me holding and rocking him. Then at bedtime, he cried for 20 minutes and he fell asleep on his own in his crib. The next day at nap time, he wimpered a little then went right to sleep. After that, he was fine with no problems. At 3, you should be able to do it cold turkey, too. Just tell him he is too old now, and that's it. It will be hard, but stay strong and DON'T give in. It will only be hard for a few days, and then he will be fine. Supernanny recommends going the Binky Fairy route as mentioned in another post. That would be equally as effective. Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 04/13/2010




We are challenging that goal as well.Our daughter Shelby will be 3 in june she likes her binky at night, naps as well. During the day she is so busy she not worried about it usually when sleep sets in shes ready to have it bring on the tatrum for it. So good luck .

Melissa - posted on 04/13/2010




My son had his till he was 2 years old. We tried cutting the tip off, gradually reducing time with it....nothing really worked. I one day just ended up throwing them all out. It was hard at first. He cried himself to sleep for a few nights. It only lasted a week and then he was over it. I know it's hard to hear him cry, but if you really want it gone, you just got to do it. Good Luck!

Courtney - posted on 04/13/2010




I threw my son's binkies away and told he was a big boy and did not need them any longer. he asked for them for a couple of days then stopped. that was 2 months ago.

Roxane - posted on 04/09/2010




do something to take his mind off of it play hid and seek, take him to the museum it should be free take him to the park its getting warm out, don't stay home he wants security. thats all if you let him know that your there he will forget about it. just give it some time.

Shawn - posted on 04/09/2010




Luckily neither of my kids never wanted them so I never had to deal with this problem. I know someone who told her son that the binky fairy was running low on binkies to give to little babies. She got a bag and asked her child to get all his binkies and put them in the bag so they could give them to the binky fairy. She then left a toy that he was wanting on his bed with a thank you note from the binky fairy. Her son cried that night for one but she reminded him what a nice thing he did giving his binkies to the binky fairy to help other babies. She said he quit crying and smiled. From then on if he asked or whined for one, she reminded him about the binky fairy.

Adrianna - posted on 04/09/2010




you can either poke hole on it so it wont be so appealing to him/her or you can just throw all binkys out so u wont be tempted to give to him/her and it will take couple days but they will forget about them

Tiffany - posted on 04/09/2010




We just stopped giving it to him.. If he didnt see it he didnt want it but now that we have a 3 month old that takes one we have been having issues with him wanting and taking it. We just tell him that they are for babies and he is a big boy so he doesnt need it anymore and we take it away from him.. Wish i could be more help :)

Good Luck!

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