how do i get my baby to eat

Robin - posted on 04/18/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




my son is five months old. he doesn't like to put anything in his mouth so when i try to give him baby cereal he sticks his tongue out and won't let me feed him. how do i teach him that this is food?


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Elfrieda - posted on 04/18/2011




Don't get frustrated. Remember food is more for fun than nourishment at this age. Just have fun with it. Feed him at the table with you when the family eats, so he can see that everybody is eating. Is he lunging at the spoon and trying to eat, it's just that his tongue gets in the way? That's what my son did. He was very keen, it's just that he didn't know how to do it. We laughed a lot, and it made it fun, even though it was messy.

Theresa - posted on 04/18/2011




Most docs recommend not giving anything but breastmilk or formula until 6 months. Babies are used to liquids only so any solid is very strange for them. They also only have the suck reflex at this point and have to learn how to use their toungs differently to eat from a spoon. It takes practice and patience. Keep trying eventually he'll get used to the textures and tastes of new foods.

Bridgette - posted on 04/18/2011




Dont give up, and realize that your little one will be making an even bigger mess in the future! Some kids are better at pushing out the food, but sooner or later they get the hang of it.

Robin - posted on 04/18/2011




thanks. i've tried waiting a few days multiple times and i don't feel like he's making any progress. i'm not going to give though, it's just frustrating cuz he makes a giant mess spitting it out.

Shannon - posted on 04/18/2011




This may be a texture issue and he may not be ready for it yet, try him again in a few days and see if he responds better. I mixed a little bit of fruit in with my kids cereal and that seemed to help, Good Luck!

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