How do I get my baby to get on a decent sleeping schedule?


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Renae - posted on 12/29/2009




Do you mean a day routine and set bedtime? The best thing to do is watch your baby for a few days and keep a diary of when he eats and sleeps. Babies generally are hungry at similar times every day and sleepy after a certain amount of time being awake. The best routines are ones that are based on your baby's natural internal clock. Work out roughly what time he wakes, has his first milk feed, has breakfast, then has his first nap etc and try to stick to roughly the same time every day.

For example: my day usually goes like this (but could be an hour off just depending how the day is going)

6am (but can be anywhere between 5 and 7) wake up - breastfeed

7am breakfast (solids)

8am first nap usually until 9:30am

10am morning snack and formula

12:30pm lunch (solid)

1:30pm breastfeed and 2nd nap usually until 2:30pm

3pm afternoon snack and formula

5:30pm dinner

6:00pm breastfeed and bedtime routine

6:30pm bed

My baby goes to bed very early because that is when he gets tired. Any book will say that his bedtime should be about 8pm, but he refuses to have a late afternoon nap so is very tired by 6pm. So follow what your baby naturally does and develop a routine around him so you can plan life and things that need to be done.

Your baby being 11 months may be about to transition from needing 2 naps per day to 1 nap. Most babies drop to 1 nap between 12 and 18 months. So you will have to watch and see whether baby is tired. There may be a couple of months during the transition where you dont know how many naps baby will need from one day to the next.

On average, at 11 months your baby needs 10-12 hours sleep overnight (possibly interrupted by a dreamfeed) and 2-4 hours sleep during the day. An 11mo can usually stay awake for about 4-5 hours before becoming tired.

Diana - posted on 12/29/2009




start a routine and stick to it. I have a bath milk and bed routine at eight every night.
So they know that after there bath they have milk (older one bottle and younger one breast) and then off to bed.
Stick to it for a week and you baby will follow.

Good luck

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