how do i get my boys 2 stop breaking things?

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my 2 yr old and 3 yr old are always breaking things in d house, or parts of the house itself! i dont know what 2 do 2 make dem stop. my older boys write on d walls which is a pain evn though im constantly telling dem d house is not der own personal piece of paper!


Heather - posted on 01/16/2010




If your children write on the walls, do not allow them to have crayons, pencils, etc. without you being present. It is a pain, but it's an option. If they break something of yours talk to them and let them know that it is not okay to play so roughly and break others things. Also, personally I would give them a time out if they are playing too rough and/or they break something. They will probably out-grow this, but they still do need to learn consequences for their actions. :-)


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thanks for replying 2 my question heather and ashley. i hve done time outs b4 but i think i just need 2 b consistent maybe and stop being so slack on d discipline side. i do be d one as goin around cleanin d walls after dem talk about a pain in d arm!! with 5 boys its very hard because im constantly hvin 2 go frm one 2 d other.i thnk wat i need is proper organisation. thanks again 4 ur comments, i thnk i hve a few ideas now :-)

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my son is 21 months old an since he was very little ive always said that if he wants to start breaking stuff that he wasnt going to get nice stuff an that i was going to take him to the goodwill an show him the stuff that he would be gettting, ive never got to do it yet because theonly thing my son breaks is crayons an he will be heart broken when he does that, an im not trying to knock nobody if they shop at the goodwill im just saying what i will personally do, an when your boyd write on the walls do you make them clean it off if you dont that might help an then when there done doing that send them to there room

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