How do I get my daughter to stop biting other people?

Tammy - posted on 08/31/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I don't understand why my daughter is going through a biting fit


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Noel - posted on 09/01/2009




Mine almost got kicked out of daycare cause she bit everyday out of anger and she was only 2. So I gave them permission to pop her hand when she done it. Still no luck....So I bit her one day when she bit me and she has not bit since. I did leave a teeth mark but nothing that would turn into a bruise.

Jessica - posted on 08/31/2009




How old is she and what have you already tried to stop it?

Two out of 3 were biters. My oldest I bit back light this was after months of her biting everyone. I didn't bite her enough to leave a mark but hard enough for it to be uncomfortable KWIM? I want to make that clear cause once I told a mother that and the next week he had her whole teeth print on his leg. I was like OMG! So I'm not saying to harm your child.

With my son he walked early and as soon as he got teeth he was biting. He got teeth late 12 months. So I started using his play pin for a time out of he bit and would tell him with a firm voice no biting teeth are for food not people. That took about 3 months but it finally worked. The only time he bit after that was if he was really mad. Which I talk him baby signing and that help cut that out.

Tara - posted on 08/31/2009




My daughter went through the same thing (sometimes it was because of teething pain, but primarily when she was angry). We were very consistent with removing her from the bitten part (mostly hands/fingers, sometimes anywhere she could get a grip) and telling her that biting is not nice and we don't do that to people.

Once she got that idea (it took a couple of days and being completely consistent with the same phrasing every time) she started biting her own hand/arm - again we took a couple of days of consistency and phrasing (this time, we don't bite anyone, not even ourselves) and she stopped doing it.

With some kids it actually takes you biting them back (not an actual bite but pressing your teeth down so they feel it pinch) - that's the only way my mom could get my youngest sister to quit biting, and she'd tried everything else for just about a year before she finally resorted to biting my sister back - once was all it took in that case.

Sometimes the biting is just an outlet when they are angry, that's primarily what it was with my daughter - she is 17 months and we tell her it is okay for her to be angry, but she may not bite, hit, kick, headbutt, or throw hard objects (herself or other people). She is allowed to smack her hand on the table or couch to express her anger - that has been working for us although she still has the occasional "I'm going to lay down on the floor and bang my feet against the floor to show I'm angry" fit - we just tell her it's okay to be angry and then ignore her - she usually stops after less than a minute, no screaming, no crying, just kicking her feet.

Hopefully some of this helps - I know exactly how it feels to have your daughter start biting and your biggest wish is that it stops right away. Since the "terrible twos" don't actually start at 2 (usually they start between 15-18 months and continue from then until around 2) your daughter may just be entering the phase early - I know mine has :)

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