How do i get my kids to listen when spoken to?


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Jane - posted on 08/13/2009




you have to get them one-on-one and be firm. i use the stairs for timeouts and if there's people around, their room. 1 minute for each year, so 2 minutes for a 2 year old, etc. and then you move on. they can't focus for very long and you want to do a quick follow-up talk before they can be "freed". and if they don't stay in the timeout, it starts from zero. if they're doing it when you're busy or people are around, you need to address it so they understand that you are never too busy to show them how to do better than they just did. and tv gets shut off, toy gets put away, etc. praise them the next time they do what you actually wanted them to do, so they'll keep up the good behaviour.

Crystal - posted on 08/13/2009




Put them in their room if they act crazy when people are there. They are probably wanting the attention and if they don't get it maybe they will calm down. Also when you are busy always take time to discipline them. They can sense weakness. My three year old would act terrible everytime I tried to breastfeed my youngest. Finally I had to stop feeding the baby to deal with him. When he realized I would stop what I was doing he acted better.

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first of all if they are small, get down to their level, make sure they are looking at you, say what you have to say to them, and ask them to repeat what you said, if they can talk, tell them what the consequences are , ask them to repeat, then if they still wont listen take a moment and remove them from the situation and talk to them privately, repeating the consequences again, then follow thru, if you tell them they will sit in time out, then sit them in time out, if they have to go to their room, give them a time limit say 10 minutes or what ever it takes to make them know you are serious

Amanda - posted on 08/13/2009




I have tryed they really push it when people are at the home. Or when i am busy!!!

Follow through


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