how do i get my soon to be 2 year old to stop breastfeeding and from sleeping in our bed? I've tried everything


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Carol - posted on 06/27/2012




One son stopped nursing on his own at about 10 months. The other we stopped slowly around 14 months. Just start supplimenting formula for one feeding a day - the one that he is the least emotionally attached to. It would be a lot easier if you could leave during the feeding so he doesn't have to be so close to his normal food source without getting it. Plus if he cries you don't have to ache. After a few days or a week of adjustment, take away another, then another, etc. That will give you time to wean off it too. You'll be hurting way more than him if you quit cold turkey. Whatever way you go try to psych yourself up for it too. I found that I'd get nervous thinking about what I thought he was thinking about and I'd ache and leak horribly. Stay distracted. As for the bed, we never had ours sleep in our bed. I like Danicia's suggestion about naps first and then overnight.

Danicia - posted on 06/27/2012




for our daughter i introduced her bed during day time naps and eventually moved her in there during the nights, we'd listen to crying and screaming for a while but she got used to it (granted she was 2 months old when we moved her out of our room). i have no experience with stopping breastfeeding voluntarily but i would imagine just cutting it off would work, sure you'll have tantrums for a while but your child will adjust. good luck!

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