How do I get my stubborn 3 yr. old boy to start peeing and pooping in the toilet again?

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I am a stay at home mom to 3 young boys(6,5, and 3)....My 6 and 5 yr. old are completely pottytrained..thank god...and my 3 yr. old was doing well with peeing in the toilet with his bros..never really wanted to poop in the toilet though..and he has had several successes with pooping in the toilet..but, recently he has been so "lazy and stubborn"..I have tried sticker charts, candy, rewards, encouragement..etc...seems to have pushed him into some rebellion with the issue. I don't know how to get him to want to be a big boy about his pee and poop..he is such a little man when it comes to everything else....he is just very lazy and stubborn ..doesn't like to help clean either..but, for now my biggest concern is he stands in the middle of the floor and pees and hides to poop and it doesn't seem to bother him. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks


Shauna - posted on 12/18/2009




Hmmmmm. Thats a tough one, everyones got their own tricks when it comes to potty training and the same thing will never work twice. What worked for me with my son, who I discovered just didnt like going to the bathroom alone, was putting a potty right in the living room (gross I know) and then I left him naked from the waste down and we spent a few days at home. He would use it if it was right there, but not if he had to go somewhere else. Whereas my daughter was the opposite and wanted privacy, so I had to put it behind a chair so she'd go. dont worry, you'll figure out what works with him :-) Good luck!!

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