how do i get this really bad cough out of my 3 month old daughter???

Crystal - posted on 05/11/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have tried everything so far the vicks on the feet at night and the vicks plug ins. I need some more ideas or advice this cough is so dry and deep it takes her breathe away.


Rebecca - posted on 05/11/2010




Get a humidifier for the bedroom. Not too sure if your Dr told you to use Vicks but every Dr i have seen has told me not to use Vicks...even on the almost 3yr old son. They do make a Vicks humidifier if you need the vicks smell. Remember when you give Tylenol to go by weight not age.
Good luck and i hope your baby gets better soon.


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Allison - posted on 05/12/2010




yep, give her something to help her sleep and instead of vicks try cutting up an onion in little peices. . . make a little pillow out of it with some gauze and throw that in bed with the little one. . . stinks, but it works. Time syrup is good for a cough, loosens up the shit in her lungs. steam. Take her in the bathroom, put on the shower with only hot water and let her breathe in the steam for about 10-15 mins.

good luck, i know how horrible you feel.

Andrea - posted on 05/11/2010




The last time my daughter was sick I put a couple blankets between the bottom of her mattress and the frame to prop her head up a bit. When I was sick growing up my mom always told me to sleep semi propped up. She also tells me when my little one is sick, to run the shower in the bathroom and just sit in there with my daughter and let her breathe in the steam. It really helped her out the last time she was sick.

Alyson - posted on 05/11/2010




is it only at night when shes asleep? if it is, you can have her sleep in her carseat and see if that makes it better. it could be rsv which is a lung infection (or cold) that all infants get. some get it worse than others. i would def try the carseat though because being upright helps with a cough rather than laying down completely. if it lasts longer than a week or she has a fever you should call your pedi too.

Tiffanie - posted on 05/11/2010




put a humidifier next to her bed, they make vicks ones that you put a little bit of a vicks liquid in the water, it cleared my son up in about 1 weeks, but we definitely noticed a difference the next morning!

Sandra - posted on 05/11/2010




There are also vicks sheets (like dryer sheets but with vicks in them) these are really good because you can pin them to the child or to the blanket they sleep on so that it is not on the child but it is closer to her face.

Kids get their first set of needles in Canada at two months old. At that time they recommend that you giv them Advil for the pain. Advil also deals with coughs too. My son at 2 months was very tiny so I gave him half the dose. If you don't feel comfortable with that then take her to the doctors to see what they would recommend.

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