How do I handle temper tantrums from my 13 month old?

Lucy - posted on 02/17/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, I have a 13 month old baby boy and he has temper tantrums really bad everyday. They last ages, what can I do to calm him down or get him to stop? He bangs his head on the door and floor, screams goes red and shakes his head, smacks and throws toys, his cup and nummy at me what can I do?


Kassandra - posted on 02/18/2013




tantrums are NOT fun! i have two boys and a girl. my middle son is a huge handful. i have talked to doctors and emotional behavior people about things i can do. try getting him to use another method to express his anger. im not sure how much he can speak at that young age but they tell me to have my son say " i don't like it". maybe have him say a small word of gesture he can do to express himself. read books on children acting out and explain how that is not how we do things. also having a place for him to go and let out his emotions. they recommended having a small tent there size. or a space that is theres alone. put books and quiet calming things in it. when he acts out. tell him its ok and you love him but you think he needs to let out his feelings. then have him go to his special place. Hope this helps! good luck!


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Alicia - posted on 02/24/2013




when my little girl did that it was usually because she didnt get something that she wanted. my public health nurse told me to acknowledge her emotions. i use to tell her 'ayla i know that your mad. mommy understands but...' then i would explain why not. if i was in the kitchen i would tell her its hot and dangerous in the kitchen and she cant come in or if she wanted me to come out i would tell her that i was cooking her dinner. 'you want to eat supper right? are you hungry?' if it was just cause she didnt want to do something i would explain to her that if she didnt pick up her toys that mommy might fall or ayla might fall and get hurt we dont want that do we? i would then give her a hug that i love her and tell her then ignore the tantrum. my public health nurse told me that as long as i give it attention it would continue but as soon as my attention was somewhere else she would stop. try doing that then sitting in another room reading out load his fav story or building with blocks or playing cars. soon he will wonder what your doing. also one thing that i did with my young ones (i have 3) was teach them sign language this makes children less frusterated when they are trying to communicate with their parents. you can look up signs online we started with 'eat' 'drink' 'milk' and 'more' cause maybe he wants something. if you dont want to teach signs ask him to show you what he wants.
hope this helps

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