How do I help my son sleep through the night without accidents?

Jessica - posted on 08/16/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 3 1/2 yr old son does great during the day in his "big boy pants" with no accidents. At night we would put him in a pull up. He got to a point to where, after his bath and he got his pull up on for the night, he wouldn't even attempt to go to the potty, and just use the pull up instead. We talked to our pediatrician about it and she advised us to stop using pull ups altogether to stop his regression with using the potty. So now we put him in regular underwear to go to bed for the night. We stop all of his liquids 2 hours before bed, and make him use the potty relentlessly before he's down for the night. When he gets up, hes soaking wet. How or what can I do to help him??!! I'm sick of changing bed sheets twice a day!!!!

Also, he has a very odd habit when he goes to bed. When he was about 20 months old, we moved him to a twin sized bed with a rail on the side. The first night we told him to stay in bed and go "night night." He took it to an extreme. Every day he wakes up, he sits in his bed and screams at the top of his lungs for someone to come and get him. It makes no sense to me, and I have no idea why he does it. I've tried waiting just to see if eventually he would get up, and he doesn't. I've tried telling him repeatedly to just get up when he wakes up, and he wont. I've tried both leaving his door open and closing it, neither of which has an effect for him. Anyone ever heard of it or dealt with this? No one I've encountered has and our pediatrician was no help on this matter.


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My 3.5 year old stays dry all night. I would not be worried that he doesn't. He is still young! Put him in the pull ups for Pete's sake, or the mattress is going to get ruined. I can't believe your doctor pushed that on you. My daughter just goes to the bathroom before bed and stays dry all night. That doesn't mean every other child is going to do the same.

As for the screaming, oh yes! I've experienced that. I can't calm her down either. I think she gets night terrors. For your son to scream to come and get him is probably just a comfort thing. I don't find it unusual at all. After all we're dealing with unusual little people here lol.


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Clair - posted on 09/06/2012




My son is 7 and still wets the bed every couple of months and is still having accidents In the day too, sometimes every day!! I'm doing a reward chart with him suggested by the docs to see if it helps. Your child is very young but if you feel he's ready then keep persisting but they are normally at least 4 before they conquer dry beds at night. My daughter was dry in day at 2 and dry at night a month later but I did nothing to encourage it she did it all by herself she just refused to wear a nappy as her big bro wasn't wearing one, just go with your instincts you know what's best :)

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I agree with the others that he may just not be ready to be dry all night. My daughter wasn't dry all night until this past spring and she turned 5 in July. I just put the wet mats from when she was a baby under the sheet. That way, if she does have an "accident", I only have to change the sheet and not the entire bed.

As for the "stuck in bed" issue. Does he climb into bed alright? Is there a reason you may not have thought of as to why he isn't getting up? Is the floor cold? Does he play in his room during the day?

You may want to try role playing. Show him by pretending to be him. Have him practice waking up and getting out of bed. Maybe in practice he will give you a clue as to his reluctance. Then you can help him work through it.

Best of luck!

Jenni - posted on 08/17/2012




It's more to do with biology than anything else. It's completely normal for some children to have night time accidents until preschool and beyond. Some children still suffer from accidents until 8 years old.

Stopping liquids doesn't really make a difference. His body and bladder needs to mature enough that it will wake him when he needs to go or he can go long periods without having to urinate. This can happen anywhere from 2-12 years old but typically by 4-5 years.

My son just turned 4 and is finally accident free at night. He even started waking to use the toilet. At 3 years he was maybe 50/50 and wet nights decreased in frequency over the last year.

Just don't stress too much over it. Unlike daytime training you and him really don't have much control over it. You'll just have to wait for him to mature. So for now, keep the nappies/pull ups on and let nature take its course.

Dove - posted on 08/16/2012




Many, many, many kids are not even close to being ready to try being dry at night at 3.5. Put him in a pull up and stop stressing about it. He will be dry through the night (or wake himself up to pee) when his body is ready. If he's 8 and still wetting at night... that is when you start trying to take action. Until then (and possibly even after then)... it's perfectly normal.

As for the other... good luck! ;)

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