How do I help prepare my super sensitive child for school?

Jennifer - posted on 11/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My third child is 4 and will soon be 5. He has abut 9 months before he will be starting kindergarten. He is very smart and knows all the basics like his ABC's, counting to 100, colors, and such. I know mentally he is completely ready. The problem comes with social situations. He has been around a lot of different kids from day 1. First off he is the 3rd child, so he has always had his big brother and big sister around. We go to church, were he is around other kids, and we spend lots of time at the park and McDonald's play place. We are also very social people and spend many weekends around friends who also have children. He just won't leave mine or my husband's side ever! I tried at church for his Sunday school class countless times. When he feels uncomfortable, he NEVER stops crying until me or my husband are around to comfort him. With his first Sunday school class he started going to it at about 12months old. I knew he would scream if I left, so I figured I would give him time til he told me it was ok. It took over a year with the same teacher, before he was comfortable enough for me to leave to go to my own class. Then, a couple months later, he moved up to a different class that was for kids ages 2-4. It was the same kids he was used to before, but a different teacher and a different room. So once again, I had to stay with him, and it took almost a year again before he would let me leave oh, and even the teacher bribing him with a hot wheels car if he would let me go to class. I know with most kids, you drop them off, they scream long enough for you to walk out the door then they are done. Not so with my son. He won't stop. Even when he was 2 months old, I was still working and I dropped him off at my mom's. She called me 6hrs later to tell me he was STILL crying, and he didn't stop until I left work and got to her house. I am in a couponing group, and he does fine when I go to a meeting and he can play with other kids, because I'm there. About a month ago, I met with some friends from church. These are the same women and kids he sees at church, but the second I suggested that he sit at a table with all the other kids to let us adults be able to have adult conversation, he instantly started shaking, and grabbed on to me. I have seriously thought about home schooling him, because my husband had these same anxiety issues when he was little. He cried every day in preschool and kindergarten until his sisters who were in the same school, but quite a bit older than him came to his class, or his mom showed up. But, my son says he wants to go to school. I just wonder if there is something I'm not doing to maybe help him prepare to be around lots of kids without me by his side.


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Barby - posted on 11/30/2012




Please don't be offended because I went through this as well but have you thought about checking him for high functioning autism? These are some of the signs to look out for when it comes to social situations, not leaving parents side comgortably and the uncontrollable crying. My son has hfa and we went through all of that . They are also very intelligent. It's just a thought or idea to look into... Hope it helps, it helped me when a mom told me.

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