how do i take out his battle


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Toni - posted on 12/08/2009




I assume you mean bottle? Just take it, give them a sippy cup, or acup with a straw, depending on them. Put the bottles away, pack them up, get them out of sight, for them and for you.They may not take it at first, they mught cry, scream, have a fit. But they will get thirsty enough and take it. With in the day the will be off the bottle. Don't give them a bottle a nap or bed time, this just confuses them, why can they have it sometimes, but you won't give it to them other times. Do not give it back, other wise it is like you listened to whining, crying or screaming for nothing. It won't be as bad as it sounds, but I just figure why drag it on. I have 3 boys and them were all off of the bottle by a year old, no problem( and they only had a bottle at meals) Good luck however you do it.

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