how do i teach my seven year old not to cry for everything any advise??


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Just ignore her when she cries, and definitely don't give her what she is asking for. When J cries about something, I send him to his room and tell him he may cry as long as he wishes, but he must do it in his room, away from others. I feel crying is okay, but should be done in private. Crying in front of others makes the people around us feel unpleasant, which I think is rude. It also makes a person look weak, no one will respect a person that they have seen crying, people respect people who take charge, have strength, and do what it takes to make themselves happy. My son is also 7, and while he used to cry for things, he now only cries if he is really upset.

Railene - posted on 10/09/2012




Tell him/her you cannot understand them when they cry and that you cannot help them until they call down and ask you in their normal voice. They will eventually learn that they need to use words to communicate and that crying is a surefire way not to get what they need anymore.

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