How do I transition from bassinet to crib?

Emily - posted on 02/29/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 6 months tomorrow and I'm trying to get him used to sleeping in his crib instead of in our room by having him take his day time naps in there. It's been 2 days and I think he has napped a total of 30 minutes. He just won't stay asleep in there! I moved the fan from our room for 'white noise' and I swaddle and nurse him down in there, but he wont stay asleep. How can I make this transition work?


Rachel - posted on 02/29/2012




with patience and diligence, he will become more accustomed to it, just may have to give him more naps than usual.... at night, put one of his blankets in your bed so it gets your smells on it, then lay him down in the crib over the soiled blanket. smells can make a big difference, and if it doesn't smell right to him, he may be more uncomfortable.


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Eva - posted on 03/04/2012




While I was breastfeeding I stayed in the spare room of our house with my son in the bassinet and at around 6 weeks when I stoped breastfeeding I put his bassinet in his room then a few days later into his cot with a blanket that was from his bassinet and i had no troubles. It may have been the familiarity of the blanket or just an easy baby but it may work. Try wrapping him up, my son is 5 months and if he has trouble sleeping I wrap him and he seems to still like that sometimes.

Bonnie - posted on 03/01/2012




We moved both our boys from bassinet to crib at around 2 months. It takes some persistance. It is different surroundings for him. Not only that, but he can sense you are not near.

Brenda - posted on 03/01/2012




We moved our son into his crib from his bassinet at about 1 month. What we did was move the bassinet into his room from our bedroom, we put it in front of his crib. He slept in front of the crib for a few days maybe a week. Once he got used to sleeping in his room we put him in his crib. That worked for us. You might also try to put one of your shirts close to the crib, maybe if she can smell mommy it will sooth her? Hope this helps

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