how do u deal wih jealously issues when there only 14mths apart??

Brittany - posted on 02/16/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




i have a 13mth old son and his brother will be here in march. but my son is very attatched to me. he hates it when i have another baby in my hands and always tries to climb on my or hits he baby. how to i deal with this when i bring his baby brother home???


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Leigh - posted on 02/16/2010




My daughter and son are 14 months apart too, I found that while feed my son his sister gets jealous, usually in the morning. what I found helps is if I ask her if she wants to help mommy feed her brother. Madie has finally started learning to use her word and Chase is now 7 months old and it is does get easier. Madie still likes to help but with my assistance and if she doesn't want to help she has to get down and no longer help, she normally calms down then just sits beside me

Faith - posted on 02/16/2010




you will have your hands full. Mine are 19 mths apart. The best thing I can suggest is check your local or nearby hospitals. They usually provide sibbling and/or toddler bringing home baby classes. Keep in mind he has still a baby and it will be a transition for all of you. Also some communities offer toddler classes that could help prepare him. Keep telling him he'll always be your baby. It's a handful but wonderful :)

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