how do u find bringing up your toddler

Sharmaine - posted on 07/29/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




wen hes naughty or throwing things not listeneing jus plane out disrespectful? i have the timje out system but now that he geting older that doesant allways work nemore ae.


Kelly - posted on 07/29/2009




Beautiful kids! One thing that comes to mind is how often I see parents that will tell their child over and over to do something, like from across the room, and the kid doesn't listen. That drives me crazy! It is hard to do when you are also busy with a smaller one, but one thing I try to do is to tell or ask the child one or two times to do something, or stop doing something, but if they don't respond I will go to them, hold their arm, get down to look them in the eye, and move them away from the problem, or to the place I want them to be, etc. I don't mean doing it in a harsh way, but just not physically allowing the misbehavior to continue. I do use time out also, as well as taking away something important to them as they get older. Good luck!


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Sarah - posted on 08/01/2009




I totally agree with Kelly. Parents need to teach their kids to really listen by looking them in the eye and stopping what they are doing. Otherwise it goes in one ear and out the other.

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Kelly and Alyssa have some great advice. I think it is really important to verbalise his feelings too so he knows you know what he is feeling ie "I can see that you are angry about ...... but it is not okay to throw things" And also people often tell the children what they can't do instead of what they can do, for example child yelling some might say "stop yelling" where as we could say "we use quiet voices inside". Plus we have to remeber to give them attention when they are good, not just when they play up. Good luck Sharmaine

Elyssa - posted on 07/30/2009




I was a nanny for about 6 months before I started my family. The 4 year old boy I nannied for was extremely disrespectful, he spit on me, he bit me, he screamed and yelled at me, pulled my hair etc... but worst of all was his bad habit of hitting. So one day, after talking to my mom about what I should do, she told me to take away priveleges, for example, if he hit me or wasn't nice with his hands, he wasn't allowed to use them... he had to sit on them for four minutes (one minute for each year he was old) Let me tell you, he didn't like this AT ALL... it took a lot of dicipline and a firm hand to make him do it at first, but after a while he learned that he needed to be nice with his hands if he wanted to use them, and soon he stopped hitting altogether. I remember growing up, if we didn't pick up our toys, the "gunny sack monster" would come during the night and pick up all of the toys that were left on the floor. We didn't get those toys back for a week, and when we got them back, the first thing we did was put them away so the "gunny sack monster" wouldn't come get them again! ! So I know for a fact that letting your child know that everything they do and have is a privelege, and taking away those priveleges when they misbehave, really does help straighten out bad behavior. I sure hope this helps!

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