how do u keep your house organized

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What are some ideas you girs might have about keeping your house clean and orgabized


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The last couple of months I have been doing really well at keeping the house clean and organized. I came up with a system that works for me.
I wake up in the morning with my little one and make her breakfast and a drink, then sit her at the table while I load the dishwasher with the previous night's dishes. I do NOT start the pot of coffee brewing until I have done it. I know I want that coffee, pretty badly, and using it as a treat for a chore well done is how I keep myself doing it.
Usually having the dishwasher running is all it takes for me to start cleaning other things. The kitchen is a real drag downer, so when its clean, the rest just falls into place.

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I watch an episode or two of Hoarders. It's great! IIt makes me want to get rid of every little thing that I don't need! I never want my house to get as bad as the ones on that show... So to the thrift store it all goes... Less is more :)

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I have the kids clean up their toys and books before lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime. They know where things go and they get to eat when everything is put away. We "inspect" for toys after they get put up. Every once in a while we take time to dump out the toy box and "find" stuff that is out of place. They really like dumping.

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As for the clean part, I made a chore list since I'm a space case and forget to clean things. I never have anything more than 3 things in a day. Some days I have something that will take 5 minutes, other days 35 minutes. Laundry takes the most but let's face it most of that is waiting for it to finish.

As for organization I'm a bin lover. My daughter has a bin for books, two large and one small ones for toys. My husband does table top gaming so there is a bin for all his tools, models, dice, etc. There is a paper sorter on the desk for bills and things that need to be filed. There are boxes for office supplies and any loose cords. I also have a couple misc. boxes for those tiny things that you need, but don't really go with anything else.

I clean up all the toys in the house along with my daughter every night before she goes to bed. I go through the house once a week and make sure that things are getting put away.

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I don't, every so often I have a mad few days catching up, but I have to go with the flow or I would go insane!

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I made a list of all the chores I need to do around the house and how often I think they should be done, including things that only happen once a month. Then I filled them into a calendar so that I didn't have too many chores to do each day, but so that my house would stay neat and organized.

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Keeping the house clean and tidy is one thing...organized, that's a whole other thing lol. For a few weeks I followed a flexible to do list until it got normal for me. The one thing I have to do every morning is have my coffee and my computer time. Then I tidy my kitchen and wash and put away dishes. I found out that I can't function with my kitchen even slightly messy. I don't know why, but it's just the way it is. Then I go around picking up and tidying up and start a load of laundry. I'll sweep floors after lunch. The kids are responsible for tidying up their toys or they'll end up in the "garbage". I only dust and mop when it's needed and clean the bathroom once or twice a week. I only have a few rugs to vacuum and that only happens about every other week. But yeah, organizing is an issue for me too unfortunately. Things usually just end up finding a home and stay in that area lol. I wish I could be like my granny "a place for everything and everything in it's place"

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