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how do u stop a 2 yr old from winging constantly

Danielle - posted on 06/30/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my daughter has a really bad habit of winging all the time and im looking to stop it i dont want to have yell or fight with her as it makes thing twice as bad please help im desperate


M - posted on 07/01/2010




i think the big thing is to not entertain the whining. she does it because it works. kids are pretty smart that way. don't give in when she does it and ask her if she's a big girl or a baby. let her decide (they always choose 'big girl') and then tell her 'big girls don't whine. tell mama what you want in your big girl voice'. and whatever you do, don't give in - did i say that already :-)

it takes a while but they eventually get the picture

Donna - posted on 07/06/2010




i agree, entertaining a whinig child is a no no, i work at a private day nursery with children your daughters age, some of them start nursery with whining problems and we always try to help mums by starting a routine at nursery that they can continue at home,
ignoring the whining and asking them to act like a big girl and talk like a big girl does help, asking them "if they want to paint" or "watch tele" etc whatever you think is wrong they always answer, then confirming that if you want to paint you need to be a big girl and stop that baby noise" usually works too..
if your child STILL doesnt stop whining whenever she wants something you could start a star/sticker chart...start with every 2 hours without whining she can have a sticker...then when she getting good at that try hours...etc etc..making sure that she has a reward at end of every day if she has so many stickers... dont take the stickers away if she whines, just dont give her her next one...if you think its a bad whine and she doesnt stop when asked...
hope that helps xx


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Jennifer - posted on 07/05/2010




I'm currently dealing with this too with my almost-three-yo. We do what Sarah said. I just tell her I can't understand her when she whines and I'll talk to her when she calms down. She has to stop whining (or crying - drama) and ask nicely or tell me what the problem is. It's amazing how she can "turn it off" when she realizes it doesn't work.

Sarah - posted on 07/02/2010




I don't respond to the whining. When they whine I will let them know that I can't understand them when they talk like that and that they need to talk like a big girl/boy. Then I ignore (sometimes easier said then done, but that is the key to getting them to stop). When they know you are not going to respond sometimes the whining will get worse, but if you stick to your guns and keep ignoring they do eventually figure out that if they want something they must ask nicely. If you keep doing that time and time again the whining will get better. Big thing is to not give in and to be consistant. You give in 1 time and you will have to not give in 100 times before you get back to where you were before you gave in.

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