How do we meet in the middle?

Karen - posted on 09/02/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a stay at home mom to a 14, 13, and two 10 year olds. I also watch my nieces 1-2 times a week for my brother. My husband works full time, plus... he is on call 24/7 and regularly has to run into work for an hour here or there. His job can be both physically demanding and mentally exhausting depending on what he has to do each day, and I do feel for him. However, I am bored by the time my day is over!!! I cope pretty well during the week, but come time for the weekend, I want something to do... hang out with friends, go out to dinner, take a ride on the harley, etc. He on the other hand, wants to spend his weekend laying around watching tv. And if we do go anywhere, it's a fight about taking the kids or not... he always wants to, while I would like some adult time. The kids are old enough to stay home for a few hours alone... finally... I am enjoying that! What can I do to meet in the middle here?


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Jane - posted on 09/03/2009




if he's going to watch tv, take off and do what keeps you sane. he'll follow soon enough.

Jessica - posted on 09/02/2009




You could also leave him at home with the kids and organise to go out with your friends without him...girls night out, a great way to unwind! I found I had to sit down with my husband and explain this to him clearly as he simply didnt realise why I was so desperate to go out on the weekends and is now much more understanding.

Angela - posted on 09/02/2009




I too ahve the same problem and what works for my husband and I is that he gets to relax with his daughter on Saturday and do whatever he needs to do to unwind from his week and on Sundays we usually go out someplace, like the movies ect. Its a great way for bith of us to unwind and its been working ever sionce my daughter was born a year and a half ago. Good luck to you!

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