How do we transition to a toddler bed when our daughter is use to sleepin w/ us??

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My 2 year old has been sleeping w/ my husband and I since she was born.. How can we transition her to a toddler bed at this point?? She wakes up several times a night and it's still hard to get sleep after 2 years.What is a way we can do it and it not be so difficult for her??


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We bought them a 30.00 toddler bed at wal-mart and had them decorate their bed with all their favorite stickers (instead of the stickers that came with it). We would place it up against our bed. We would sing songs about how big they were! We made a HUGE deal about them able to sleep in their own BIG BOY bed. I only had issues with my two year old and sometimes I would fall asleep puttin him in his bed. I finally put a radio by their bed and would sing to them. I feel for them bc my voice is terrible but it works It was much harder on us than it was our kids. I sometimes still let them sleep in our bed bc I miss it!! :) They are only babies so long and it is hard to pass milestones!! It is not easy at all on us but she will do wonderful. Good luck and I hope I have helped.

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I think the best thing is to put a bed or mattress for her beside your bed so she is still close to you at night. Once she is used to that, you can move her bed across the room. And then once that's ok with her, move her to her own room but let her come back to you if she wakes up frightened in the night. Slowly and gentle, I say.

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When I was trasitioning my daughter I started at nap time. I'd have her lay down in her bed and make it kinda fun for her. After she got used to that I would let her fall asleep in my bed at night but move her to her bed when I went to bed. It took about six months for me to completely get her out of my bed and there were nights she'd wake up and come crawling back in with me but eventually she got it figured out.

A friend of mine started out with the toddler bed in her room so her son got used to the bed before the transition to his room.

Hope one of these ideas helps. Something to remember though is sometimes its not as hard for them as it is for us. Find something and really give it a try, your child will test your strength but hang in there.

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wait til they fall asleep and transfer them to their bed. they will get use to waking up in their bed in the morning and over time it will just transition. It may be hard at first but it can be done. I slept in the tot bed with them if i had to. went as far as putting tot bed in living room so they would fall asleep there watching tv.


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My daughter is 2 and still has trouble falling asleep in her bed in her own room so what I do is have her fall asleep with her daddy and I then I move her into her own bed after about 20-30 minutes. She wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into our room and I just simply walk her back into her room and have her fall back asleep in her bed. Of course I stay by her side until she falls back asleep then go back to my bed. It's still hard for her to get use to considering she had to share a room with us for over a year. Now that she has her own room she doesn't know what to do.

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I too did the whole bed next to ours when our oldest was about 18 months and had been sleeping with me. He was a very anxious child but it worked wothut any dramas, he is now 4 and loves his bed in his room!

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I agree with putting the toddler bed (or mattress if it doesn't fit) in your room, decorating it is a great idea too, and trying to transfer her there if she isn't compliant at first. Also a new routine of singing, prayer, etc can help make it special. I'm not sure I would emphasize being a "big" girl now, since that might be exactly what she doesn't want to be. Instead I would emphasize the bed, how you always wanted one just like it.

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