how do you all mom ejony with your child ..?


Christina - posted on 09/09/2009




Hey girly! I will be the 1st to answer. :) I stay at home and have since the middle of May 09. Before that I stayed home from the week before I had her till she was 7 months. I couldn't stand being at work! Anyway, I do take her over to her Grandma's 2 days during the week then Tom and I choose either Sat or Sun to take her over so we can have a day too :) we are very lucky to have her just down the road! When I have her at home it gets pretty messy. I showed her how to use the small stick vacuum so I will make sure nothing important is on the floor then I turn it on and hand it over to her! She thinks its funny how its loud and sucks up everything and it works for me because not only do the floors get clean, but I can also prepare lunches and dinners! I will then give her a few baby wipes and she will wipe the floors for a good 20 minutes! Another thing we do is read books, turn on Bob Marley and dance, find hiding places in our house. She does have her moments of needyness where she just wants her blanket and to cuddle so I will get her a cup of water, turn off the TV, turn off the stove, turn off the music and even the lights and we will sit and talk for a few minutes, even if I am runing late for something. Then shes off hiding cookies under couches and beds and flushing the toilet. When she gets too crazy, I take her to a store. Any store (it is just too hot for the park right now), the mall, grocery store, target... whatever. Even if i dont need anything. The drive and different location calms her down. She really loves wholefoods because of all the samples and the cashier guy with the big earrings.

Well thats our day!

I know it is a bit different having a big boy who wants to do more things than a 15 month old! I will be asking you for some tips soon I'm sure!

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