How do you deal with staying home everyday with small children and try to take care of everything and everyone?

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Staying home all day with small children and not feeling like you have accomplished anything....


Lindsay - posted on 01/20/2013




I have a three year old and an 8 month old. We live in a three story house, therefore I try to stay on a schedule for cleaning. Each day doing certain rooms or chores. For instance; bathrooms on Monday, vacuuming/mopping on Tuesday, laundry on Wednesday and Saturday, Friday change bedding, along with just everyday upkeep. I do the bulk of cleaning when kids are napping. Luckily I get a good hour to two each day where they are both sleeping. I have them on a schedule where they are eating pretty much at the same time, in between meals is time to read, play get things ready for dinner. When ever they are entertaining themselves I take the chance to empty dishwasher, dust, wipe down countertops, take out trash. Whatever needs done. Really it is just getting stuff done in small spurts. Bedtime is also a great time for me to take 30-45 minutes to get things done before settling down. Sometimes DH is working nights or out of town, I take those opportunities to do more organizing, work on sewing or scrapbook projects.

DD(3) likes to help dust, put her and her brothers laundry away, and general picking up. We make games out of her going around the house gathering things needing to be picked up and put away.

I do what I can, but don't get too worked up if things don't get done exactly when I would have liked them done.

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