How do you feel about schuedules for kids?

Sarah - posted on 06/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have been a SAHM for 4yrs now and last August I started working in the evenings. I have 3 SK (10mths- 4.5yrs old). In the last year my 2 older kids have become extremely diffucult and cranky. And trying to get them to bed at night is a fight. I can lay them down at 9pm and go to bed at 11:30pm and they are still awake and full of energy. I try skipping naps spending lots of time outside when we can, but it doesn't work. I work evenings as a dance instructor during the school year and part of the summer, so I'm normally not home in the evenings to start dinner and get them started on baths and bedtime. My Husband works 40hr wks and owns a construction business on the side, so he isn't home much in the evenings or weekends. I have tried to put them on a schedule b/c I hear it is better for them and so on. I am constantly on the go and could never make the schedule last longer than a week or two. Do any of you have any secrets on how to get them in a routine that might help?


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Kristin - posted on 06/18/2011




my son is on a very loose schedule, but my nephew is on a ridged schedule. he has to be because both of his parents work.
my sister decided on a schedule that would benefit her, her husband and son. she was consistent about it and didn't let anything knock it off track by even one minute!
you have to be consistent and unyielding when you are trying to establish a schedule that you can all benefit from.
good luck

Christy - posted on 06/15/2011




Consistency really is the key. Finding a schedule that works for you may be difficult, but giving up after two weeks is about the time the schedule would have started to feel like normal to the kids.

I'm guessing the kids are acting out because they need time with you. Try having them work side by side with you whenever possible, and ask them questions about what's going on in their lives. Get them talking and they won't mind doing chores with you!

Even though you're not ready for bed when you put the kids down, turn dow all the lights when you start getting them ready for bed. All the lights dimmed in the house will help their brains relax so that they can go to sleep.

When I'm trying to implement something new into our routine, I set alarms on my phone. For example, we start getting the little ones ready for bed at 8pm so my phone alarm goes off at 8pm to remind me. Otherwise I lose track of the time.

Try planning your weekly meals in the crockpot. Dinner can be prepared in the morning and then come dinner time you just have to throw out the plates and silverware! It's amazing how many things can be cooked in the crockpot.

Carrie - posted on 06/15/2011




I don't really put my kids on schedules. We have bed time but that's it. I'm more of a laid back mom. Sometimes my daughter has the same issues so I just let her read a book in her bed and she's fine

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