How do you feel about the finances?

Samantha - posted on 11/22/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My husband makes all the money and has offered to me to take over the buget and bills, and I have to say... I'm not comfortable with that situation. I was a very stressed child " always worrying about the bills, because my mother vented too often around us small children about the adult problems, so I remember having panic attacks about silly things like "leaving my homework at home" and being afraid that I would get in trouble..sad really but thats what happens to your kids when you let them know about your problems.We moved all the time there was no security, and when I met my husband who was raised by a very sensible woman who had a great business head and taught all of her children how to manage money and stretch a dollar I finally felt secure. To think about having to worry about managing the money in my family and it being my sole resposibility is frightening, but on the other hand I am very careful about spending money. My question is how do you feel about handling the family budget? And how does it work in your family?

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Samantha - posted on 11/23/2011




thanks ladies, for the encouragment When he asked me if I'd like to he was trying to get me to see how much we had for spending and bills and what not- I did it for a little whileand I know all the means what we can spend and what we cant but I'm still a stressed mess when I have to do it all. He on the other hand is a do it all in his head type of guy when I' trying to keep up with every penny spent- but thanks for all the suggestions and input

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We do it together. The monthly bills are all paid via direct debit from our bank, so we don't have to deal with those. Then we each have a set amount to spend each week that should cover food and auto gas and still have enough left over to cover most other expenses like clothes, school fees, basic shopping, and such, as long as we balance and don't go buy a new outfit the same week J's science project is due.

Our budget does not use all the money, so if we must go over our weekly budget, say we need new tires or something expensive, it's not a big deal, but we do have to tell each other. The rest just sits there until we have enough to go on a vacation or buy some bigger thing we both want.

Basically, money we spend within our weekly budget does not need to be discussed, but if we go outside of that, both partners need to be informed and agree to spend it. That way, we don't have to constantly be discussing every purchase we've made or how much is left. The amount we can spend is determined up front, how we spend it, is up to us individually.

We also set a budget for Christmas--I have a set amount to spend on John, J, and my parents. He has a set amount for me, J, and his parents.

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I have no problem doing it, Hubby does it in our house though. He is one of those people who don't have to write any of it down anywhere he can keep track of it all in his head so it was driving me nuts having to tell him after I did them then add in his gas and anything he spend on his way to work and what not. So since I rarely go anywhere with out him, yet he goes out more then I do we decided it would be best for him to do it.

Kimberly - posted on 11/22/2011




I've always done our budget even before our daughter was born it was always easier as my husband can be out of town and other things for me to be able to deal with things as they come. For the most part I just do my thing and tell him what we've done but we try to sit down at least every six months and I show him what bills we have and how much we have for spending/savings. There have been some tuff times but we always work them out and I always let him know that for a budget to work we have to plan ahead, if something that he really wants to do comes up suddenly he can still do it but we have to take it from something else. I like know where everything is at

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I used to handle the budget and I traded it with something else a while back because he had to take care of a couple of things and it worked out better for him to just do it. But it is not stressful to know what's going on with your money. You should definitely be aware of where the money's going. Even if you don't handle it directly just in case something should happen to your husband and he was unable to do it for a period of time. Don't worry about it though. Have him show you how he does it. If you like it and it works keep it. If you feel it needs tweaking talk to him about it and make the changes if you want. Communication is the key. Have a little faith in yourself. Obviously your husband does.

Crystal - posted on 11/22/2011




I've been married for almost 10 years and a SAHM for 6. I've always managed the household budget, even when we both worked. It is very stressful, especially when you're on a "budget." :) As long as there is open communication, and you both know you have the money to pay your bills, it shouldn't be too stressful for you to take over. He obviously feels comfortable and trusts you to take over the budget...take that as a compliment! Give it a try. If he has a system in place on how he's done it in the past to keep you afloat, just follow it. If it works, no need to change it. Its important that you both know where your family money goes.

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