How do you find the time to work out?

Valerie - posted on 07/21/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a stay at home mom of two boys aged 2 (almost 3) and 6 months. My husband works 12 hours a day so everything is on me: raising the boys, housework, and trying to find time for myself. After the kids are asleep I get right on the housework I couldn't finish, and after that's done I am wiped. I used to exercise after the kids were in bed but now I am just too tired. I wanted to start getting up early to go for a run but my baby decided to start waking up at 5:30am and I don't usually get to sleep until midnight, so there is no time or energy to go in the morning. Their naps aren't quite synced up either. How do you find time?

Also, I am starting school next month from 8am-12pm so I'm not sure how to work around that either...


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Lauren - posted on 07/22/2012




I know it seems kind of crazy but i work out WITH my kids! i have 2 kids aged 5 and 18 months and i love to take them to the beach, the park or even on walks/runs! I usually keep my younger one in a durable outdoor/running stroller and then my older one near it! I come up with fun stuff to keep my kids engaged! Like if i do yoga on the beach my kids get into it and want to copy me, and when that gets old i put out sand toys for them so i can finish. I also like to go to small parks where my children are very visible and let my older daughter play and take my younger one in the stroller and run around the area of the park. Another kind of easy and fun thing is to get thoose dance/zumba workout dvd's they play fun music and i put them on in my house and i workout and let my kids dance around. They may seem like silly little things but they keep me in pretty good shape and keep my kids entertained at the same time!

Corinne - posted on 07/22/2012




I've always worked out when the kids are in bed. From 7:15pm til 9/9:30pm I skip, do weights, pilates or dance. If there's housework? It can wait, I need this time to shake off the day and be me again when my husband gets home from work. Some of my housework, I get the kids to help. My (nearly) 4yr old has had a 'thing' about loading the washer for over a year now, my 6yr old likes dusting and vacuuming. A lot of gyms have a creche, that could be an option, or maybe a childrens centre like Sure Start (UK) or a church group? Some of them do aerobics, pilates or dance classes with a creche thrown in.

Amanda - posted on 07/21/2012




I found a gym with a creche. The girls that run it are fantastic, the kids love it in there and I get to work out and interact with other adults.
My kids are 4 and nearly 3, this morning I strapped them into the double stroller and went for a run.

I also have a few exercise aps on my iphone, when I get stressed I do the yoga one after the kids are in bed, usually 20 mins is enough, and we have a good selection of weights for when I want to use them (which isn't often)

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