How do you get a picky 5 yr old to eat?

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All she will eat is cheese pizza. I make things she has always liked and she wont eat.


Kristin - posted on 03/26/2010




Unless my kid is sick, I do not give in to them. My 5 year old would eat nothing but PB and J sandwiches or waffles all day long every day. Not going to happen, sorry. I make the meal/snack and he can eat it or not, but there is nothing else until the next. He isn't going to starve. He usually eats at the next meal/ snack. I do make sure that when he does decide to eat again that he doesn't eat so much that it interferes with the main meals.

We've also started gettng him involved with planning our weekly menu and preparing some parts of our meals. He's much more interested in trying something that he's had a hand in making. He's also taken an interest in the human body and what makes it grow healthy and strong.

We also read "Bread and Jam for Francis" and kind of made fun of the situation.

If your daughter just must have the cheese pizza, let her have it just set a limit on it. Remember, you are the parent and you get to say no. Good luck, this too will pass.

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