How do you get a stubburn 5 year old to go number 2 in the potty?

Wendy - posted on 11/07/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 5 and she refuses to go do number 2 in the potty. I have tried everything I can think of. If you have any suggestions let me know.


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Kristina - posted on 11/09/2009




Give her lots of chances to make choice so that control isn't a factor. If she has been doing this for awhile it may hurt when she goes because she has actually made herself constipated (my 3 year old does this, she'll hold her stool until she ends up going in her sleep) To make it easier for her give her lots of fiber filled foods (Fiber One brand is good, they have cereals and pop tarts) Make sure she gets plenty of fluids as well (very important with the increased fiber) Talk with her about why it's important to go, I explain to my daughter that it's important to let your poopy out so it doesn't make your body sick (there are VERY serious long term consequences if this continues to long) A sticker chart to earn a dollar has also helped with my little one (She really likes the Dollar store) just remember to slowly make the reward harder to achieve. If you need any other ideas feel free to contact me directly, I have gone over this so much I taught the pediatrician a thing or two.

Cheri - posted on 11/08/2009




I think at five it is a control issue, and you need to figure out what is going on with her, does she want more attention? Does she feel like she has no control over other areas of her life? I used bribes till mine got the hang of it, have her pick out a treat she really loves and she can only get it for going on the potty. Good luck, and keep your sense of humor!

Stephanie - posted on 11/07/2009




I started watching my daughter for when she had to do a #2. I began noticing that she would stand in a corner and I asked her if she had to poo and she said yes. So I told her that she should hurry to the potty(which she does do sometimes) and finishes. However on occasion she does go on her own, she also refuses to let anyone near her when she is going potty.

Scarlett - posted on 11/07/2009




when you nitice them doing a poo in their nappy take them to the bathroom and get hem to finish it in the room. then eventually take thier nappy off (even if their half way through) and put them on the toilet to finish.. it helped for me

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