How do you get your baby from the brest to a bottel or a cup?

Christel - posted on 11/21/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Neville is 9months in 2 dys and refuses to take a bottel. He wouldnt even drink my breast milk from a bottel or sippy cup? Does any one have advice?


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Tasia - posted on 11/22/2009




My daughter started with a sippy cup when she was about 6months old, but it had to be a specific cup and before that when she did get a bottle, she would only use certain ones. If your child is used to breastfeeding, try Avent bottles, as there nipples are made to feel more like the breast along with the Gerber nuk bottles. (The gerber ones seemed to work better.) And for a sippy cup my daughter will ONLY use the Gerber nuk sippy cups. Almost the same thing as the Gerber bottles, just a different nipple on the top. Those are the ones that feel most like the breast to them and it works!! My daughter will be 11 months next week and for about the past month or so she has been refusing to breastfeed and just wants a sippy with milk in it. I hope that you eventually get your son to either the bottle or sippy!! Good luck!!!

Renae - posted on 11/21/2009




My baby refused a bottle even though we gave him one every day from 6 weeks old. It didn't matter how hungry he was. Everyone, even doctors, said if he was hungry enough he would drink it, but he never did, even after hours and hours. I tried every bottle under the sun, even ordered special bottles from Europe and bought the very expensive special needs bottle from Medela. Nothing worked. Eventually we saw a speech pathologist who specialises in infant feeding and discovered that he pulls his tongue back when he sucks and so cant suck properly on a bottle. He is now 8 months and drinks from a Nuk cup (its called a "training bottle" but its not a bottle). So just a thought, if you think there is more to it, get him checked out. Even if there is nothing wrong they can give lots of good advice and different bottles and cups for you to try. My speech pathologist said it makes her mad when people say that all babies will take a bottle if they are hungry enough because she sees babies all day long who wont or cant.

Briana - posted on 11/21/2009




I agree with Jessica. The same thing happened with my daughter. I breast fed her for at least 4 or 5 months before trying a bottle and she absolutely refused it. She didn't like the sippy cups either. So, when we started on solids we introduced a regular cup and she did great with it. By 9 months she could hold the cup herself and drink from it with no problem. It's been awhile (my daughter will be 3 in a few months), but I think she started nursing a lot less when she was about 9 months--with all the other food she was eating. I know I pumped and used the breast milk in her cereal to keep breast milk in her diet, so that's something you could do. Good luck.

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Don't worry. A 9 month old has no need for a bottle or cup. I wouldn't recommend even trying bottles once the child has teeth since they're bad for oral development. As for the cup, she'll take it when she's ready. All kids do. You don't have to wean for that either. My 2 yr old still nurses and uses a regular (not sippy) cup all the time.

Michelle - posted on 11/21/2009




You have to find a way for it to suit you...aurora suggests some brill techniques...and this may well work. But sometimes babies may not take the bottle cause they are 'stubborn' and know you will give in... MAM bottles are great.. Try having someone else feed him while you are not there...someonw who doesnt smell of breast milk. If your family member can do it, it will be more comfortable for him. Sometimes you have to just take away the breast altogether and if hes hungry hell feed. Hes still too young to express what he wants...but if you have the willpower just try it. youll need lots of patience and hell soon get the idea mommy aint gonna give him the boob. give him lots of cuddles when hes not feeding.

Aurora Grace - posted on 11/21/2009




Make sure that the nipple of the bottle has adequate flow and cuddle him very close while you give him the bottle.Even if he fusses just keep slowwly and gently tracing the nipple over his lower lip and letting some milk drip into his mouth. Standing and swaying gently makes it a little more soothing for him too, though it may make your back ache! Once he's familiar with it you can get back to sitting. It will also help to limit breast feeding to bedtime and comforting (after shots, owies). Hope this helps!

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